Party, Love & Dreams by Kevin Kaho Tsui


1. LKF
2. Follow You (Ft. Karmen Cheung)
3. Keep On Going

‘Party, Love & Dreams’ by the up and coming Kevin Kaho Tsui was recorded in Hong Kong, but mastered in the beautiful Firenze, Italy. He recently performed at major live shows in 2013, such as the Clockenflap Acoustic, the Bunny Warren Indie Showcase and The Wanch during the summer. Some of his upcoming shows include the SCMP Event, and Music @ Via Fiori. Kevin was born and raised in Hong Kong, and lived in Scotland, UK since the age of twelve. You can automatically tell that he is a raw talent – only starting to learn the guitar three years ago and posting covers on Youtube and soon after, original material that gained him millions of views and thousands of followers on the site. Despite receiving offers from two major record labels, Tsui has chosen to continue the independent path which is highly respectful. He cites John Lennon, Ed Sheeran, Bob Dylan, Russian Red, Arctic Monkeys, Bright Eyes, and Damien Rice as his primary influences, and channels their lyrical and euphonic qualities into his works too, thus becoming branded an Indie Dream Pop and acoustic artist.
Kevin’s new EP sports creative artwork that is to the likes of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and features three clean-cut tracks. Each track brims with a promising indie sound, and a thickness in vocals despite the airy ambience, providing for a plethora of very unique surprises. Though fame appears imminent for this songwriter, his lyrics are still humble and the tone of the instrumentals are bright, as seen through Track 2, ‘Follow You’, however, this track is one of the more emotionally soft. Track 1, ‘LKF’ spotlights a enjoyable lush guitar-led melody, that seems to shine a more innocent light on Hong Kong’s one and only, Lan Kwai Fong, while the last track on the disk ‘Keep On Going’, is less wholesome, with an explosive, mysterious bass line against more experimental instrumental work, sound deflection and vocal melody. Kevin Kaho Tsui is one to watch out for in the indie music world, especially in such a diverse city like Hong Kong, it’s great that a small artist like him is able to stand out and foreshadow another market for some acoustic dream pop – a genre that is not highly regarded in the big city.
– Chloe Cheng

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