Rain (song) by Kiyu

It’s always nice to hear from a fresh talent and in the times in which we are all living it’s more welcome than ever. Typically speaking I’m a rock guy but I’m not immune to the charms of a mellow ballad if the sincerity is there and I feel it is in this instance.

Whilst listening to the song I was wracking my brains as to who Kiyu reminded me of vocally. It took a while for me to figure it out but then it hit me : Jeff Buckley! I don’t mean in a copycat sense I mean in that he does broadly comparable things tonally with his voice. That’s quite the comparison in my eyes and not one I make frivolously.

Rain” is a simple straight forward listen but doesn’t feel overly familiar which is a blessing. I want to hear more from Kiyu and am hoping that the musical style he shows here is but one of many in his repertoire.

You can listen to Rain on spotify or youtube now.
– David Harris

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