Red Eye Effect by The Sinister Left

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Over the past week I have been listening to The Sinister Left’s recent EP release titled : “Red Eye Effect” If you ever want to zone out and have some down time for 24 minutes, then this is an EP you should try get your hands on. It is a mini journey through metaphors, floating guitars, drones and hypnotic am radio voices. The CD very much fits into the indie/ambient genre. Some may call it “intellectual” or “art” music and you can see why. The lead guitar parts are never static and are constantly evolving very intricately. Whilst the rhythm lays down an atmospheric platform for the vocals to sit on. The bass takes turns from adding more substance to the great drum patterns and contributing parts to the sections of the songs where the guitars circle around each other creating great polyphonic moments. What the hell am I talking about? Track 4 “Timeless.” Stick that on and it will all make sense.

The Sinister Left have quite a distinguishing sound, especially here in Hong Kong. This I feel can largely be credited to the vocal style of Nathaniel Inciong. Do not expect any stadium rousing sing alongs. Instead what you hear are minor melancholic melodies that are backed up with subtle chantings. This matched up with the prior mentioned guitars and songs structured through movements rather than “verse/chorus/verse” is the best way to describe The Sinister Left’s sound for this EP. In a recent post where I reviewed TSL live at Underground 79, I mentioned that the band had a very warm sound of which they have accomplished well to translate into the EP. I can imagine many of these songs being great for soundtracks. Especially for scenes where the protagonist is having a melt down … or a substance induced trip. For me the opening track ‘MSG’ is a great example of this.

If EP’s are little teasers of a band’s offerings, than I shall very much look forward to The Sinister Left’s next release. So should you.

The Sinister Left are:
Nathaniel Inciong, Alejandro Dini, Stu McCutcheon and Reginald Brotonel

Reviewed by Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog
May 2009

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