Reignition by Air Tub


Wonderfully designed EP from Airtub – the only complaint I have is that its TOO SHORT with just a few tracks to tickle my music buds. And what did I think of the songs?

“Overture” – great intro to the EP with Neil Chase introducing Airtub mixing in Radio 3 theme tunes and the opening to “Perfect Life” very uplifting and clever – great idea guys! “Perfect Life” – a poppy radio-friendly number that makes me think of summers driving in Europe, sun is shining and it’s 9pm and life is great yet someone is missing, hence the chorus refrain of “I wish you were here”. Symphonic keys add so much to this track.

– the nu-metal side of Airtub. This is the side of Airtub that I like to see live as their energy on stage is superb. The dynamic side of this band makes me think of my favourite band “Linkin Park” which is just so cool.

“Confusion – (Re-ignited version)”
. Mmm a remixed version with more keys in the forefront. Vocals floating on the top. An interesting version and shows the expertise this band has at creating textures in their songs.

“Perfect Life – in Cantonese”
– a nice touch. Sounds just as appealing in Cantonese!

“Per-fusion Live”
– moody reflective song with an acoustic arrangement to end the album – very sweet. Great arrangement on all of Airtub’s songs, the addition of Marcus on keyboards was a great move! The actual EP is cleverly presented in a fold-out manner and the colours and design are glorious! A great EP to have in your CD collection! Get it whilst you still can!!!Reviewed by Chris B
December 2005

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