Senseless by Senseless



  1. 繽紛樂
  2. Sales
  3. 如果我去踢南華
  4. Admire
  5. 觀音兵
  6. 六合彩
  7. 我要加人工
  8. Made in China
  9. 請緊握搖滾
  10. 聲事勒士


Senseless is absolutely, 100%, sold short. A progressive rock/pop-punk band based in Hong Kong! Even more fantastic, their influences are stated as The Killers, The Cribs, Metallica and Beethoven but they don’t sound like a carbon copy of any of them. Senseless expresses the dissatisfaction with life, as well as views of the community in Hong Kong and the world. The unfortunate through love, homework, parental pressure, and completely random and silly happenings have a place in Senseless’ lyrical composition. Their motto: ‘Life is Senseless!’.

繽紛樂 (Track 1 – Fun), is a kick-ass pop rock n’ roll track, plain and simple, that has the energy and catchiness of Blink-182. There’s a completely valid reason that this track is called ‘Fun’, mentioning the wonders of the PSP and MSN. Scratchy and boyish, it gives the song an mature immaturity. Continuing this theme, we have the slightly steadier ‘Sales’ (Track 2) that speaks of consumerism. My favourite thing about this track is the fact they used the old tune in a commercial for an old medicine product within this greatly satirical song. It’s rare that I get to hear another interesting pop-punk band like Senseless where fast fills, crashing cymbal work and a melodious bass enhance the music to its full potential, evident in 觀音兵 (Track 5 – Guanyin Soldiers). 

What makes Senseless  in comparison to other bands out there is what their lyrics are about – they aren’t obscure lyrics about how the stars are super pretty up in the night sky…it is honest, real talk about important issues out there today.我要加人工 (Track 7 – I want more pay) focuses on the crazy work ethic and expectation in Hong Kong. Their first line stating: "I need to work until 9-something, pay is only 7000-something.", and it’s all just fact in an epic rock song.

Then we have ‘Made In China‘ (Track 8), a lot more intense in the vocals and controlled and structured within the instrumental, there is a slight indie rock feel here, and lastly, the acoustic, ukelele-based 聲事勒士 (Track 10) just all about the band – even a little shout-out for their email address –

Senseless won’t be leaving my iTunes library any soon, not to mention the album artwork is superb and needs special credit! Their fun, loveable nature that comes with hooky melodies that are easy on the ears makes it a charming listen. Nothing cliché or abstruse, just awesome pop-punk that needs a ravenous fan base.

​- Chloe Cheng​


Senseless 成立14年,早前發行首張大碟 ‘破處’, 並舉行專輯發佈音樂會。樂隊歌曲風格鬼馬,歌詞大眾化貼近生活,主音聲 線彈性大,可塑性高,有助情感真摯直接地表達出來,充份反映樂隊性格。
開首’繽紛樂’ 道出打工仔渴望脫離工作,享受人生的心聲,歌詞中的繽紛樂借用了廣告題材,容易令人聯想起來,趣味性十足。‘如果我去踢南華’以節奏明快、富旋律性的電結他伴奏及中段緊張刺激的獨白轟炸耳朵,體現了何謂男人的浪漫。’Admire’主題圍繞暗戀,題材雖然不太特別,開首亦多以相對柔和的和弦拼湊而成, 不過副歌部份點題歌詞故意寫成音調錯配,聽起來哭笑不得,貫徹樂隊不甘正經的風格。為人熟悉的’觀音兵’ 以密集電結他掃弦作伴奏,本應失落的歌詞內容卻以中段一句’俄羅斯方塊’後出現熟悉的電子遊戲聲音變得無厘頭,別樹一格。融合了rap的’六合彩’ 道出打工仔對六合彩的情意結;‘我要加人工’單看歌名己反映香港基層人生活面對的困難,節奏雖然仍然明快,但旋律較暗沉,無聲的抗議現今生活方式。期後的 ‘Made in China’可謂專輯中最正經的一曲,歌曲圍繞社會性議題,指出中國許多不公平的現象,氣氛相對沉重,批判及抒發對中國的疑問及不滿,同時一句‘出來生不做中國人’ 更是反思味道甚濃。’請緊握搖滾’ 聰明的加入了deep purple經典名曲smoke on the water, 唱出對搖滾的堅持,回到了純粹的搖滾聲音。最後自傳式歌曲’聲事勒士’ 唱出組隊一路以來的心路歷程,伴奏前段以ukulele為主,平衡了前曲的張力。半帶自嘲半帶希冀的歌詞反映了Senseless的真實,感受到團員堅持多年的心境,為人所動。
​- Becky Wong

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