Seriously (EP) by Tang Yi (唐藝)


1. 你的孩子會聽著我的歌長大
2. Why on my bed
3. Goodbye,dick
4. Just be gay
5. Bonus Track: 天氣這麼好,我卻在煩惱 ft. Jing Wong

Tang Yi is an independent singer-songwriter now based in Hong Kong.  She was once a contestant in The X factor in China.

Seriously” is Tang’s debut EP that is full of energy and joyfulness. The style isn’t for everyone. You’re either going to hate or absolutely love her style. Luckily for Tang Yi, I fall in the latter. After listening to the five songs on this EP, I could really relate to her personality. Tang Yi is a brave and confident woman that dares to dream. To achieve her goals, she has to care.

Catchy song titles meant I was eager to listen to this EP. Her openly honest lyrics remind me of Crowd Lu, the Taiwanese indie singer-songwriter. The stories hidden in the songs are not always pleasant, however Tang wraps them with humour. Her song subjects are full of her opinions, with one particular song all about the social issue of sexual orientation. It’s become my favourite track on this EP, “Just Be Gay” encourages gay people to feel comfortable with themselves and be open to their true being.  The violin solo after the first chorus hints of European influences of in her song-writing.

Overall the tone of Tang’s voice is girly & feminine, yet at times, she adds raps and rock melodies to her songs, giving them a somewhat creepy and devilish mood.  These are the hooks which makes those tracks really unique. Listening to her tracks, you can guess who her target audience is. ”你的孩子會聽著我的歌長大” is sung to her haters who keep judging her life. ”Goodbye, dick” and “Why on my bed” are written for her ex-boyfriend and roommate respectively. The EP finishes up with a rather slow song about the pursuit of dreams. Tang claimed that she wrote this song on the toilet seat! Good one Tang, spend more time on the toilet seat so we can look forward to more creative songs from you!

On a side note, the songs were produced by CMGroovy (member of HUSband & band leader of The Majestic G) which would explain the rich production on each track.

Overall, I would describe this EP with one word, fearless. I mean who else would write a song about her roommate having sex on her bed?  Tang writes songs for people who enjoy lyrical imagery and want more than love songs.
Buy this EP now.
– Angel Lai

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