Sunrise by Matchbox

Sunrise by Matchbox


1. You & I
2. Because I love You
3. Sleeping Angel
4. Missing/…missing
5. Brand New Day

Matchbox, the pop rock band based in Hong Kong released their new EP titled ‘Sunrise’. The theme of this EP is all about ‘love’. During these 22 minutes, people experience five different types of romantic love.

‘You & I’ is a light-hearted beginning. The lyrics strongly express the thankfulness of having someone always by your side. How amazing it is to find that someone still regards each other as their only love after all those years. ‘Because I love You’ starts with a dance pop intro. The beat is stronger than the first track. The lyrics are no longer full of sweetness but show a sense of loneliness. People can give anything their partner want in the name of love. The third track ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is a deep and emotional track. Piano is introduced into the song and adds emotional-depth which is full of sadness. The calling ‘Please talk to me, please stay with me’ fits perfectly in the atmosphere of this track. If the previous one expresses sadness with piano, then the next track ‘Missing/…missing’ expresses sadness through the electric guitar. Although both instruments express similar emotions, the piano is more about inner feeling whereas guitar is more about sharing the sadness with others.The last track ‘Brand New Day’ leads people out of the sadness and looking forward to future. It expresses how important a life-long promise is.

Matchbox‘s music is simple yet matches their lyrics. When everything stays simple, the sincere emotion is very catchy. This EP is just like a little love journey. Each song represents an emotion. All these pieces go together and try to tell us what is love. Experience love through these five tracks.

There’s one thing I need to mention. The design of everything in this EP is very detailed, very well-designed and consistent to the theme. Light pink body with rose. The style of the collection of photographs is a perfect match with the theme.

If Matchbox could present more variation in terms of arrangement, it would create more chemistry between lyrics and melody. To me, the arrangement of the songs on this EP feels predictable. Although the five tracks are lovely, they tend to sound the same and it’s not easy to differentiate the tracks. I would suggest to Matchbox to dare to be more experimental. It can be difficult yet it could enhance the whole EP. I support Matchbox brainstorming and coming up with more innovative ideas in composing their songs.

Overall, it’s great to find that so much effort was made in creating this EP. Hong Kong needs more bands to create their music from the heart.

– Becky Wong

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