V O I D by Caz Aglets (USA 美國)

Caz Aglets Album Cover.jpg

1. Succ (ft. Shortsleev)
2. MySpace ’98 (ft. hotel-r00m & Shortsleev)
3. Heavy 7
4. Blakkk
5. Cubin
6. Waste No Time
7. BLM
8. A B Y $ $
10. Happy Meal
11. Nightfall
12. New Thing
13. High Tide

V O I D is a new Hip-Hop and R&B album by Detroit’s Caz Aglets. This is a really strange smooth and moody album that shifts from different styles of Hip-Hop and R&B to create a beautiful image of sound. Caz claims one of his biggest influences is Kanye West which I think is accurate. Specifically there’s this element of lots of very sexual lyricism with moments of conscious rap that paint a picture of the artist’s own mind. The album is relatively long but there are a lot of quality songs on here.

The first song Succ (ft. Shortsleev) has a smooth jazzy repetitive beat with some very sexual lyrics. The rapping is weird and each verse provides new flavor. It’s a fantastic opening to the album. Both MySpace ’98 and Heavy 7 are relatively conventional songs that wouldn’t stand out but the lyrics are so great that the songs work. BLM reminds me a lot of something off of Yeezus or The Life Of Pablo. There is interesting use of autotune on the track that separates it from the rest. There is also a more experimental instrumental which I really love.

The main issue with the project is that it is pretty long. At around 40 minutes there’s some filler. However I think this is a nice change of pace from a lot of mainstream rap and I highly recommend it.
– Joshua Ellis-Einhorn

This album is available here.

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