Weapons of Mass Seduction by The David Bowie Knives

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1. Foreplay
2. Evening Time
3. She’s The One
4. Work Hard
5. Thighs
6. A.P.I.
7. Crystal Clear
8. How Long
9. Boldly Going Nowhere
10. Gastropod
11. You Want Me. Don’t You
12. Money
13. V.D.

Foreplay’ on The David Bowie Knives’ new album ‘Weapons of Mass Seduction’ is possibly the first song that’s ever made me laugh out loud. ‘MTR, escalator! Sham Shui Po, refrigerator! Wan Chai, sexual favors! Causeway Bay, space invaders!’

I deemed the album as something I would love to listen to on repeat over and over again once I realized I went through the entire album without hitting the pause button. Their grungy rock and roll sound is quite unique, but at the same time generally instantly likeable. It clearly does not conform to a specific genre either, although it hints at an Americanized version of older brit-pop too. The vocals are particularly compelling, and the complex; melodic bass lines compliment the precision of the drum patterns. What really stands out on this crafty album to me is the way that every song has something in common and yet is so different at the same time.

From the album my favorite tracks included ‘Evening Time’, ‘’You Want Me. Don’t You?’, and ‘Thighs’ – very reminiscent of Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’, however with cleaner, more pristine timbre. The first time I listened to ‘Evening Time’, it sounded a little bit like cheesy slow dance music to me, but after two more listens I fell in love with the guitar riffs and the ability for the song to be constructed so simply (lyrically too!) yet dominate such a full sound. ‘You Want Me. Don’t You?’ has more of a hard rock feel to it ‘I’m a man who has needs, and I won’t stop ‘till you bleed,” – can’t get anymore hardcore than that. ‘Thighs’ drips with sentiment, and the use of the free reed-sounding instrument really peps up the song.

One of the most *enjoyable* albums that I’ve been introduced to. It’s not often that I go through every track in its entirety. The David Bowie Knives are a modern day, bad boy 70s rock and roll band – they *are* weapons of mass seduction because they’ve certainly seduced me!

PS. Guitars on ‘How Long?’ (Track 8 ) Especially 2.35 – 3.25. Recommended.

Chloe Cheng

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