Will it End by Fruit Punch


This debut release from this band is a long time coming. Formed since 1997 as a full band, they are now down to two persons – Leo & Patrick, who both sing and both play bass and guitars. Using a drum machine, their album is very unexpected for an independent Hong Kong production.
The opening track “Will It end?” is an acoustic number that veils what the listener is actually going to hear.
“Our Future” – very smooth bass line and a Joy Divisionesque hook of “Can you tell me what our future will be?” Unfortunately, this track degenerates into a noisy mess at the end – I’m guessing Fruit Punch aren’t too positive about our future?
“Plastic City” – interesting harmonies occuring here, the chord progression is catchy. The strained singing on the chorus is a little bit unsettling although I like the power chords on the guitars….
“Blew the Line” – Like the vocals on this one. There’s a lot happening in this song and it’s reminiscent of a 70s punk ballad. Like the guitar riff and solo work. Interesting lyrics to this song. Fruitpunch certainly write about what is important to them.
“The Last Scene” – Unexpectedly Echo & Bunnymen like start. This track is my favourite from this album
“The Sound of Night” – A Beatles inspired track. Kudos to these guys for giving their falsettos a chance.
“Game of the Few” – Interesting chord progression. Rather depressing lyrics reflecting the songwriter’s inability to influence the world around him. I quie like the chorus to this track.
“No Feedback” – The piano intro is a nice way to lead into some strange lyrics.
“Watch Myself” – Nice simple guitar work on this track makes it very appealing.
“The End” – A fitting end to a fine experimental album with highlights and lowlights.
If you think HK is only made of Canto-pop artists, this CD will definitely shake you up and make you realise you need to get out of your bubble and watch some bands at The Underground.

Reviewed by Chris B
December 2005

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