Underground Legends


2019 is our 15th year of hosting live music events, so we’re going to celebrate all year with a bunch of great events! This first event will pay tribute to the acts who have stood the test of time, having graced Underground stages on at least five occasions. Keep an eye on this page and the selected favourites we’ve booked to perform.
2019將會係我地在香港紮根及舉辦不同大小的演唱會的15週年。為了慶祝這重大的里程碑,我地將會舉辦一連串精彩而隆重的活動!第一個活動志在鼓舞一些能夠在The Underground 舞台上屹立不倒的樂隊,他們全部都在Underground的舞台上演出超過五次!繼續留意我地並且期待這些樂隊的演出!

The David Bowie Knives:

The David Bowie Knives have been administering aural sex in Hong Kong for frickin’ ages, yet like a fine wine, they get better with age! They’ve played to all sorts of crowds in all sorts of cities, culminating in the release of their debut album ‘Weapons of Mass Seduction’ in April 2013. They are influenced by all the good things in rock and roll, for example whisky and loud noises.
The David Bowie Knives 多年來帶給香港觀眾 aural sex,然而就像陳年佳釀,愈老愈甘!他們曾在不同的城市及人群中演出,終於在2013年4月醞釀出首張大碟《Weapons of Mass Seduction》。佢地深受Rock & Roll既精神所影響,例如當中的威士忌、轟音。 https://www.facebook.com/TheDavidBowieKnives/


Brothers of Roadkill:

Brothers of Roadkill is a piano rock band with a twist of jazz and R&B. With entirely original material and a resistance to being typecast as a “genre band”, Brothers of Roadkill takes inspiration from a wide range of styles – from blues to drum n’ bass…and more. This makes for a sound that is as edgy as it is innovative. A dynamic and intense musical power-trio.

Brothers of Roadkill 係一隊以鋼琴為主的搖滾樂隊,帶上些少 Jazz 及 R&B 的風格。他們所有的音樂都是原創的,因為不想被定型為傳統的樂隊,亦因此他們會從各種音樂風格當中汲取靈感,包括藍調到drum n’ bass等等。 這令到他們的音樂十分多元及創新,有動力且活潑。


Air = relaxing and light
Tub = clean and comfortable

AirTub = a quintessential Morphing Rock band. Blending the essence of European and American rock with a dash of Asian flavour, AirTub creates music with explosive yet emotionally refreshing personality!

First formed in 2001, AirTub released its first Cantonese EP in 2003, along with songs being featured in various films and soundtracks. In 2005, AirTub re-aligned its music and released a limited edition promotional-single “Re-ignition”. In the same year, AirTub was featured in a cross-over live-broadcasted performance with Eason Chan (陳奕迅) and Bondy Chiu (趙學而) which highlighted AirTub’s accomplishments.

AirTub’s performances have been enjoyed by audiences as far as Singapore and Taiwan. And in Hong Kong, AirTub has been a regular performer in the HK indie music scene including the Underground (Underground 1, Underground 5 years Anniversary Party, and Underground 100).

After a long hiatus AirTub is making a special appearance at the Underground Legends show in 2019. Even after the long break, AirTub is currently morphing into yet another form of its existence, so stay tuned!

Air (空氣) = 放鬆和輕盈
Tub (浴缸) =乾淨舒適

AirTub 係一隊典型的Morphing Rock樂隊。AirTub融合了歐洲和美國搖滾的精髓以及一絲亞洲風味,創造出具有爆炸性和清新的音樂!

AirTub 成立於2001年,於2003年發行了第一張粵語EP,當中包括很多電影和原聲帶中的歌曲。 2005年,AirTub重整了他們的音樂風格,並發佈了限量單曲 “Re-ignition”。同年,AirTub與陳奕迅和趙學而Cross-over了一場現場直播表演,突出了AirTub的成就。

AirTub的表演一直受到很多觀眾的喜愛,歌迷更遠至新加坡和台灣。在香港,AirTub一直是獨立音樂界的常客,當然亦經常在Underground的舞台上演出!(包括 Underground 1, Underground 5 週年狂歡派對 及 Underground 100)。

經過漫長的休息,AirTub將會在2019年的 Undeground Legends 為我地帶來特別演出!即使經過長時間的休息,AirTub仍然以另一種形式存在係大家心目中,敬請期待!

Thinking Out Loud

A rare opportunity to catch Thinking Out Loud, reputedly Hong Kong’s leading rock band who come together for another, ultimate, last and definitely-the-final gig. This time, the voluptuous front-being Chris B will be joined by TOL’s original guitarist Chris W with his biting chops and swirling solos, the melodic whirlpool of Mysterious Mr B’s sax, Egg’s cracking bass and newcomer-drummer Matt U with his subtle and complex rhythms. Definitely not one to miss!
千萬不要錯過欣賞 Thinking Out Loud 的機會!這次將會是這隊香港搖滾樂隊一起進行另一場終極最後一次的演出了!這次,主唱 Chris B 將會聯同 Thinking Out Loud 最初的結他手 Chris W 的 solo及伴奏,加上 Mr B 用色士風吹出優美的旋律,還有 Egg 強而有力的 Bass 及 新加入的鼓手 Matt U 伴以他複雜卻精準的伴奏。 機會千載難逢,萬勿錯過!

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