Underground 17


Thanks so much for coming down to support Underground.
choosing to watch live music on winter solstice night
Lets grow the music scene together in Hong Kong.
love Chris B xx

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Broken Lighter
Six piece speed metal band influenced by some of the Scandanavian speed-cum-black metal bands. Some ferocious and fast drums, heroic head-banging stances by the two guitar & 1 bass lineup and the slight neo-classical/prog like keyboards (which complement the harder-edged sound of the guitars.) They cite Stratavarious + Holloween as influences. Also strong hints of THERION, CREMATORY (both German bands), THEATRE of TRAGEDY (from Norway) and AMORPHUS (Finland). Audience spotted grooving to this band.
Nick Lovatt

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Helter Skelter
They start off with a funky “Jean Genie” sounding song, then get a bit more rock N roll on track 2, mellowing out on “Missing your Love” song which gets warm applause and go a bit jazzy loungey on the fourth track “Got in the Christmas spirit” NOT BAD for a self-styled blues band! Chris B & I decide we like the glam funk sounds (“Helter Skelter win the “glunk” award of the night) hands down. They finish off with a very early Stonesy sort of song. (Big thanks to Gary Garoupa for tipping me off about this band)
Nick Lovatt

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Audiotraffic make a welcome return to the Underground. I guess they’re the headliners tonight with a set that reprises most of their Rockit show. Track 2 is “The Running Man” starts to get into the FX wah wah fuzz bleep guitar shit that they do so well (and what I like best about them) Track 3 continues to remind me in spots of “Starstorm” by UFO live in Tokyo 1970, with a mindbending guitar solo. Track 4 is The Killerssong – great sheets of guitar noise melting into Husker Du or Bob mould Black sheets of Rain. Seemingly unprepared, Adrian kept up a stage banter with the audience and yes we still love Audiotraffic.
Nick Lovatt
Audiotraffic’s Website

Above photos © Copyright 2005 by Willem Van Der Merwe

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