Underground 86


Thank you to ROCKSCHOOL for hosting! It was great to be back in Wanchai after a 3 year break! Thanks to the four amazingly great bands who performed, musically speaking the night could not have been better. Thanks so much to the audience who put up with the lift entrance to the venue and squeezed in amicably! A big thumbs up to Asahi beer, Calvin the soundman, Angus the cameraman, Yan on the door and of course Wain & Toson, The Underground video team.
love Chris B xx


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The music of Autological can sound rather stripped-down at first, but the more you get into it, the more you get to the core of it. It is a band for which you have to give yourself sometime to let it get to you. Their unique touch, which could appear slightly dissonant for some, reveals in fact much more depth. Autological is one of these groups which are worth following, would that be only for the presence of the bass player Ben Bair, who asserts himself not only physically but also musically on stage. The group is self-described as doing rock with a general theme of cynicism. If, like me, you had a doubt about how this would exactly be transcribed in sound, it is about time you find out.
Carolyne B.


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The Sinister Left

The Sinister Left are very effective and without assertion. I was familiar with their music thanks to cd released by the Underground a while ago, but I had not seen them live yet. Each one of their song reflects an in-depth musical knowledge, and is more surprising than the preceding one. The synergy of the group functions with wonder and each one of the four members of the band, through its own personality and musical references, contributes in creating a homogeneous and energetic set. Whether you like rock, punk, alternative, goth or else, you can be sure The Sinister Left will not disappoint you. Electrifying riffs, heavy bass and sustained rhythms, it is for everyone to enjoy.
Carolyne B.

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I must confess I never heard of Kolor before that evening when I first saw them play. I had read their impressive profile and was really looking forward to see them perform. I was far from being disappointed! Kolor is the kind of group which can definitely make it to the top, not only because of the coherence of their music, but also because they have the rock’n roll attitude only very few genuinely have. The room they performed in was packed with their loyal following, so it was a halfway win, but still they gave their very best and I am sure it’s what they do no matter the size of the venue. As soon as the first note hit, everybody was on their feet and it was like if an electroshock was sent into the audience. Each member of the band is having its own persona, but instead of overshadowing one another, this panorama of styles and attitudes complement one another perfectly, and reflects into their performance as well. The music was electric and contagious, and the display of energy rarely seen on the HK stages. With Sammy So as Lead Vocals, the show was not only musical but also very visual, especially when guitars were slammed on the floor and mike stand thrown in the crowd. Kolor is one of the most promising band of the HK underground scene and is definitely worth seeing live.
Carolyne B.

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Helium3 sounds like they have been around for a long time. Their rock is compact and solid, and it is the kind of music you will surprise yourself humming during the day, without really remembering where you heard it first. They already have released one album, and it is only a matter of time before they make it on the international scene. Their performance that evening was up to expectations, the music was easily accessible and the group showed their experienced skills to an already won over audience. They might not be the kind of group which will revolutionize the scene, but their show was enjoyable and it was probably the best choice to close with brio this successful Underground #86 at the Rock School.
Carolyne B.

photos © Copyright 2009 by ANGUS LEUNG
photos of The Sinister Left by Carina Ho

poster by ANGUS LEUNG

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