Compilation CD4 – Launch Party A


IMG_4407.JPGOMG! The Underground launches the fourth compilation! It’s so amazing to believe it’s the fourth year. HUGEST thanks to Koya from Mark 1 Music Centre, you make all this possible and you are so easy to work with. Backstage is a great place to launch an album, having embraced The Underground and all that we believe in – thank you.

Thank you to the SIX bands that played at Party A. You all played a BRILLIANT set on this night and I am so excited to be working with you all. Thank you to the wonderful sponsors who eagerly support the creativity of the bands – thanks Edifier, Tom Lee, HMV, The Fleming Hotel and Sideways.

Thank you to The Underground team for enabling me to create more events to work on. 🙂

love Chris B xx


Purple Eye

Thanks Chris B and Koya san who support local music heartily! The venue is cool with good gimmick, of course with good music (XD) to make this wonderful night! We enjoyed meeting different bands that night and pleased to meet music fans who show their support to local music!

Hope this CD and parties launch for years and years! We look forward to playing The Underground again soon.

– Purple Eye


Dark Himaya

Having the opportunity to be in The Underground CD is one of the coolest things an indie band in Hong Kong can end up doing and every Underground event is always special in its own way. Underground HK is a great motivator for us artists and we are thankful that there is such an event here in Hong Kong. Thank you Chris B and to your crew who always put up a good show!

– Ivy & Ales (Dark Himaya)

This being the first time we’ve ever laid tracks for Dark Himaya, so we were excited and nervous at the same time. Thanks to Chris B. for inviting us to be part of the Compilation CD series, we had a great experience! Koya was helpful in the studio and made the recording relaxing, fun and interesting. To our friends who have always been there (Lei and Emily never missed a show!), you are the coolest people in the world. To our fellow musos, let’s continue doing our best in breathing sweet, melodious life into this indie-music barren land of cookie-cutter pop ballads. Cheers to The Underground!

– Aileen (Dark Himaya)

Winner of HMV Voucher: IMG_4649.JPGIMG_4653.JPG



It was our pleasure to participate in The Underground Compilation CD#4! Once again The Underground showed us how well-organized their events are. This event means a lot to us because this is our first well-recorded CD (I want to cry when I first look at the CD)! We had so much fun on stage and honoured to meet so many great bands, especially when we saw so many great female vocalists in one single night! These chances don’t come along very often!A MILLION THANKS to The Underground team, Backstage, all the sponsors, the audience and of cause, KOYA, for making this happen!

– Senseless

Winner of the Sideways package: IMG_4863.JPG


9 Maps

Playing at the launch party was a great experience, not only for the bands invited but also for the audience who were quite vocal in their support for the music but also for the sponsors and organizers. The venue was a great choice and every band had something different to offer. We’re very happy to share the album with so much unique and home-grown talent.

– 9 Maps

Winner of Tom Lee $100 voucher and Line 6 MIDI Mobiliser: IMG_4946.JPGIMG_4951.JPG


Winner of Edifier Sub-woofer: IMG_5171.JPGIMG_5174.JPGIMG_5177.JPGIMG_5181.JPGIMG_5182.JPG

Brothers of Roadkill

Man, what an awesome night it was! Thank you Chris and The Underground for allowing us to be part of this CD launch. For us it was such a great opportunity to play live again, we haven’t done that in months and it was fantastic to perform in front of a crowd. Backstage Live is, as ever, one of THE best venues for bands to play live in Hong Kong, because Abe is the awesomest in awesomeness. He is like a handsome version of the Duracell bunny…feed the man a beer, and he will go all night. Please note, ladies. Our bass player CM also got an erection from the thumping bass amp, which made the sound so much fuller…although it could also be the missus that got him excited. Chi Tung (drums) and I meanwhile were quite aroused (wink) by the warm reception and love that the crowds showed us.The big question now is this: when is CD5 and where do I sign up, coach? Seriously though, thank you Underground…what a great family to be part of.

– Adrian Fu (Brothers of Roadkill)

Winner of one night at the Fleming Hotel: IMG_5185.JPGIMG_5186.JPGIMG_5189.JPGIMG_5191.JPG


Sushi Robot

I was a bit unsure about the gig at first. With Synth-C away, playing on my own, the only electronic outfit and being on last I wasn’t sure how it would go down. The crowd stuck around though and it was good to pick up some new fans. Lots of people there that I hadn’t met before.My set went down well and it was good to see people dancing and having a great time. It was a top night and all the bands did a fantastic job. Cheers to everyone who came out to support the Hong Kong music scene. Keep going to gigs, not just in Central but all over Hong Kong. Cheers to Chris for organising it. Massive thanks to Big Koya for sorting the recording. I know you didn’t do the SUSHI stuff, but you were on our minds when we were mixing them, with quite a few cans of Ebisu beer and a couple of red bandanas on our heads.

– Griff (Sushi Robot)


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