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IMG_5320.JPGOMG! Two launch parties over two nights with 11 bands! This is the second launch party and the first indie event at the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe in Lan Kwai Fong! BIG thanks to the staff, management & sound team there, it sounded great, the bands had a fabulous time and I’ve never seen the sponsor logos look so big on a stage before! BIG thanks to Koya from Mark 1 Music Centre, who recorded 10 of the bands and mastered the album, glad you liked the champagne too! Thank you to the wonderful sponsors who eagerly support the creativity of the bands – thanks Cathay Pacific, Edifier, Tom Lee, HMV, The Fleming Hotel and Sideways. HUGE thank you to The Underground team for being the best team to work with and like a large extended family to me.

love Chris B xx


Shotgun Politics

Holy cow, it was fricking great to play at The Underground CD4 release party. Thank you for having us at the event and on the CD! The Underground people managed to book up the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe and it was sweet sweet sweet. Awesome amps, awesome PA, drums from heaven, and great staff. We had a great time playing there, and honestly can’t wait to come back.

These compilations really are a great way to document the local scene, and after listening to #1-3 repeatedly we were stoked to be a part of #4. Thank you everyone for making it happen, we’ll be in the audience for #5!

The Gunns IMG_5622.JPGIMG_5635.JPGIMG_5639.JPGIMG_5647.JPGIMG_5675.JPGIMG_5700.JPGIMG_5715.JPGIMG_5693.JPGIMG_5773.JPGIMG_5782.JPGIMG_5778.JPGIMG_5808.JPGIMG_5819.JPGIMG_5855.JPGIMG_5856.JPGIMG_5857.JPGIMG_5860.JPGIMG_5863.JPGIMG_5864.JPGIMG_5862.JPGIMG_5865.JPGIMG_5866.JPGIMG_5867.JPGIMG_5874.JPGIMG_5871.JPGIMG_5868.JPGIMG_5875.JPGIMG_5876.JPG


Though Fad has been formed for nearly 5 years (with some people changed during the time), this is the FIRST time Fad went into a professional studio for recording, and it is really FUN! Great thanks to The Underground who gave us the chance to be in the compilation, and also great thanks to Koya San of Mark-1 studio for his patience and professional guidance for our recording of the two songs! Recording a song is very different from playing live shows, as we needed to be more accurate and exact on the notes we are playing. Koya San took quite a long time to record us and we have taken even longer time for him to help us on the mixing!! WE LOVE YOU!!

For the Underground CD#4 release party, we were soooooo excited to perform at the new Hard Rock Café at LKF, as we have heard before that the equipment there is great! And it’s TRUE! The stage is big, with a big screen at the back, and the lighting and sound is so great there!! Thank you so much to The Underground to give us the chance to perform there. Also we have to thank our friends who came to see us, and who has supported us all the way to our first CD (though not only us) born. (Starting to be like the Oscar thank you speech…)

Anyway THANK YOU everyone! We hope you enjoy our music, work hard and play harder like us!

Rock on,

– Fad

Winner of HMV voucher:


Winner of Sideways package:



Corey Tam

As CD launch parties go, I think everyone would agree with me when I say, it was definitely one of the most enjoyable ones that I’ve been a part of. As with all The Underground shows, it was well-organized, had some truly amazing bands to behold, and when you throw into the mix a promising new venue (with smoke machine no less!), we had one hell of a party going on! I think that even though each individual band only got a fairly-short slot and the schedule was tight, in the end it probably helped benefit the show as a whole: It felt like a speeding train from start to finish!

Just want to say a huge thank you to Chris B for inviting us to be a part of the The Underground CD4 compilation. Also a big thank you to Koya-san for putting up with us in the studio – hope we didn’t cause you too many headaches!! Looking forward to the next one!!

P.S. As it seems like the number of bands are increasing in number with each CD, could there be the possibility of an UNDERGROUND FESTIVAL CD LAUNCH in the future?? have all 11 bands play in an all day outdoor concert or something….that would be sweet!!

– Corey Tam

Winner of Tom Lee $1000 voucher & Line 6 MIDI mobilizer:


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Winner of one night at the Fleming Hotel:


Helter Skelter

– Exciting launch of Underground CD – check!

– A chance to play the first indie gig at the new Hard Rock Cafe – check!

– Enthusiastic crowd that loves indie bands/music – check!

– Great bands to share the stage with – check!

– Our song blasting out of the Hard Rock speakers – check!

– Beer – check!

– Girls – check!

You can’t ask for much more…

– Helter Skelter

Winner of 2 Cathay Pacific Business Class tickets to Taipei:

IMG_6306.JPGIMG_6314.JPGIMG_6319.JPG IMG_6338.JPGIMG_6324.JPGIMG_6379.JPGIMG_6394.JPGIMG_6482.JPGIMG_6509.JPGIMG_6520.JPGIMG_6448.JPGIMG_6540.JPGIMG_6552.JPGIMG_6563.JPGIMG_6618.JPGIMG_6609.JPG

Six Pack of Wolves

Six Pack of Wolves loved playing at the Hard Rock Café – not just because it was The Underground Compilation CD release but also because we got to headline the first ever live show at the new venue (and thanks to Adrian Helter Skelter for the lend of a sexy keyboard)!

We hadn’t played a live show in a while, so we gave our set 110% and tested out a new song on the audience, which included a good mix of our die-hard fans and a lot of new faces – something you can always rely on at an Underground event.

It was a great night – the only problem we had was getting off stage to let the House band play!

– Six Pack of Wolves

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