The Underground presents The Future -《Stagéjàvu Festival》


thefuture_a.jpg Yo! We did it! Our first hip hop show! In conjunction with Backstage’s Stagéjàvu Festival, we pulled together some top class talent currently based in Hong Kong. Thanks to Abe & the staff. Thanks to the fans who turned up. Let’s do this hip hop thing again real soon. love Chris B x
Yo!我們做到了!我們第一個嘻哈表演!與Backstage的Stagéjàvu Festival合作下, 我們找到了一些現時在香港的頂級嘻哈人才。非常感謝Abe以及相關的員工,亦非常感謝來到現場支持的粉絲。在不久的將來,請讓我們再次舉辦這樣的嘻哈盛事!
love Chris B x

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Seungrae Kim

The personable Seungrae Kim has excellent flow and time control. It seems he has music theory under his belt as many selections had proper harmonies in the backing music. He’s got some developing to do in eye contact and audience interaction, yet altogether good rapport with the crowd for a young artist. Onstage his overall delivery and lyrics really get the crowd going during the performance.
His raps are easy to follow and easy to understand. Production level technically on the tracks is quite good which shows off his production abilities. Strong material and very groovy stuff. He’s clearly very creative and has great ideas. I personally saw him perform last year and he just keeps getting better.
– Christopher Johnson

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So Wada (Tokyo)

So Wada from Tokyo really does have a flow resonant of the 90s plus he is entertaining and humorous. He is super comfortable on stage and in control. His energetic songs had killer beats and rhyme along with his fast tempo raps created a mind blowing experience for the audience. Definitely strong
material and a must to check out live.
– Christopher Johnson

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Hugo Sohm (France)

Last minute addition to the event Hugo provided a thoroughly convincing and entertaining set. Surprisingly there was a lot of variety as well and shows his five years of dedictation to mastering the craft of beatboxing. The crowd loved it. He was literally creating drum tracks live on the fly, even throwing in well timed drum fills and dubstep effects. At one point he even emulated a full sounding jazz and rhythm n blues beat. The sustained hummed notes on top of the distinct drum pattern is particularly amazing. He has a talent for making the crowd connect to the beats he’s creating live. He is literally a human drum machine. Let’s hope he doesn’t return to France anytime soon and that you get a chance to experience him live.
– Christopher Johnson

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J-Hoon has some unique grooves. Seems to rap behind the beat. However it’s not disconcerting, it’s interesting to the audience. The beats seem to slide around a bit so it’s a different flow to connect with. The belated polyrhythms intentionally forces you as the listener to pay attention. J-hoon lyrics are very
thought provoking and his shoutouts to Backstage, The Underground and the music scene in HK were top notch. You have to catch J-Hoon live to experience this multi-lingual rapping experience.
– Christopher Johnson


The impromptu Hugo – So Wada – Seunngrae Kim beat box trio was amazing freestyle.
The esprit d’corps of the artists was quite energizing and unique. The vibe in the house was awesome.

Photos by​
​​Christopher Johnson​.​​
由​Christopher Johnson​攝影。
Poster by ​​Alison Lau.
海報由Alison Lau。
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