The Underground’s 18th Year Anniversary Party


“For 18 years The Underground has supported Hong Kong musicians by providing them with venues and events that allow them to unleash their musical creativity and shine,” said Chris B, founder of The Underground HK and Musicians Foundation. “To mark our 18th anniversary we want to throw a “thank you” bash dedicated to the artists, performance venues that share the live music vision, and amazing audiences who party with us. The ban on live music has been very hard for musicians and venues, and we hope music fans will help make the night rock by joining us at Rula Live on November 19 for four killer hours of music played by four of Hong Kong’s hottest acts!”
「18 年來,The Underground 一直支持香港樂隊,為他們提供場地和活動,讓他們發揮音樂創造力並綻放光芒,」The Underground HK 和 Musicians Foundation的創始人Chris B說:
「為了慶祝我們的18 週年,我們想藉此機會向曾參與表演的盡心盡力的表演者、提供分享現場音樂願景的表演場地,以及參與我們活動的忠實觀眾表達我們真摯的感謝。現場音樂禁令對音樂家和舉辦場地來說是非常艱難的時期,我們希望樂迷們能參與 11 月 19日的Rula Live,讓四個高質素樂隊為我們帶來長達四個小時的精彩音樂表演,共同令整個夜晚搖滾起來!」
All tickets include one drink. 門票包括一瓶飲品

Hybrid Stereo

HYBRiD STEREO is a Filipino Alternative/Post-Hardcore band based in Hong Kong that started off covering songs, with Jm Inot on drums, Bryan L. Mendoza on bass and Zerron Qym on guitars in late 2017. The trio were looking for more members to complete the band and eventually play their own songs. After trials with different vocalists, Andrea and Shaun joined the group in August 2020, as the vocalist and guitarist respectively. Soon after, they released their first track “Broken Shards” a month later and are now in the works for a full-length album.
The band plans to bring back tunes they used to listen to but have lost their fame due to the pop culture takeover. Bringing in nostalgic feelings from the pop-punk and post-hardcore era, while at the same time adding a modern twist from their variety of musical backgrounds.

Hybrid Stereo

Vocals – Andrea Curtis
Guitar – Zerron Qym
Guitar – Shaun Apellido
Bass – Bryan Mendoza
Drums – Jm Inot

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What They Do

Vocalist – Josephine Persson
Bassist – Nicola Shannon
Drummer – Adrien Thai
Guitarist – Bay Leung

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Parallel Horizons

Parallel Horizons is a progressive metalcore band based in Hong Kong. Formed in 2014, the band combined technicality and emotional melodies to produce their own flavor of metalcore. The band won some competitions in their early days and later went on to play in various countries. Sharing the stage with international giants on stages including HeartTown Festival Taiwan and JakCoth Indonesia. The band’s debut album “Dissonant Echoes” was named one of the top 10 indie releases of 2017 by SCMP. The band was also included in “Djent Guidebook”, written by Ryohei Wakita and published by PUBLIB in Japan. The current line up includes Naseem Khan on vocals, Shaun Apellido on drums, Aaron Mordeno on bass and JR Gabuya on guitars.

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Gwenji, born Ho Gwenji Billie, is a Hongkongese indie-folk singer-songwriter. Formerly half of the folk duo Mothgown, Gwenji officially goes solo in 2021 and makes her debut with the top-streamed, charts-listed single Don’t. Her unique, airy vocals may remind one of uprising raw talents like AURORA & Agnes Obel, and her creations reminds one of Laura Marling, Sufjan Stevens, Misi Ke and Deserts Chang. A self-made musician and intuitive genius, Gwenji writes whenever the music in her head and the voice in her heart spur, pouring out every ounce of her true self. With her first EP on the way, this genuine, soulful voice is one that the city much needs.

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