Swiftly Rising


Event Highlights:
* Songwriting Focus: “Swiftly Rising” will delve into the intricacies of songwriting, exploring how songwriters craft their songs and the passion they have for their art.
* Q&A Sessions: Each performer will participate in a Q&A session before their performance, covering topics such as musical influences, creative struggles and techniques they use to craft songs.
This showcase will feature songs written and performed in English.

* 專注歌曲創作: Swiftly Rising 將深入探討歌手創作的細節,探索他們如何構建歌曲,以及對這門藝術的熱忱。
* 問答環節:每位演出者在表演前都將參與問答環節, 內容包括但不限於探討音樂啟發、創作困境,以及創作歌曲的技巧。

*Swiftly Rising*
Saturday July 6th 2024 年7月6日 (星期六)
21:00 – 23:30
Terrible Baby, 4/F, Eaton HK, 380 Nathan Rd, Kowloon.九龍彌敦道380號
Advance tickets 預售門票: HK$200
Walk-in tickets 即場門票 : HK$300
Tickets on sale from 17th June 2024


melodic, alternative acoustic rock

Vaun (pronounced “Von”) is the frontman of the Hong Kong based time-travelling rock wizard quintet – Magic Mountain Bells. With the band, Vaun is known for belting intense and hard rocking choruses, fusing 80’s hair metal, 90’s punk grit and modern rock swagger. His extensive music influences are apparent in his solo material, showcasing softer, melodic and catchy acoustic tunes. But listener beware! Do expect to find yourself naturally head banging to his acoustic compositions too!
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“Acoustic pop songs with storytelling lyrics, taking inspiration from artists such as Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter”

Keisha buckland is a 17 year old singer-songwriter. Born to a very musical family, she has been singing for most of her life and learned guitar from her dad. She took up songwriting in 2018 shortly after she learned guitar. As a hopeless romantic and emotional teenager, she writes pop songs about love and heartbreak, friendship and family. Keisha is in the process of recording her first album, starting with her debut single, ‘ammonite’, which she hopes to release on all streaming platforms in 2024/25!



R&B and neo-soul infused pop

At the crossroads between music and medicine stands 29 year-old Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter, guitarist and doctor, Ryan Cheung. Deeply influenced by the lyricism and guitar-playing of John Mayer and Bruno Major, he strives to craft songs with the same passion and vulnerability that are imbued in theirs. Having garnered over 600,000 streams for his releases across the globe, he has begun to record and produce his first full-length album set to be released in late 2024.

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