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HEAVY #22 – Postponed to 17th October 2020 延期至2020年10月17日。


Due to the surge in COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong, Underground HK has made the difficult decision to postpone Heavy 22.
We hope you can still join us on the new date, October 17. Same time, same place!
If you cannot make the new date for whatever reason, please contact the lovely folks at for more details on arranging a refund.
Thank you for your continued support of live music in Hong Kong, and thank you for helping us keep our community safe in these difficult times!
由於新冠病毒病確診數字急升,Underground HK必須作出艱難決定,延遲Heavy 22舉辦日期。
我們希望你仍能參與延期至10月17日舉辦的Heavy 22,地點和舉辦時間相同。
如果由於任何原因,你無法參與延期舉辦的 Heavy 22,請聯絡Zicket.com的人員,以了解安排退款的相關細則。

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Writing Guru added to our team!


We are super excited to announce that The Underground has added a Writing Guru to our team, check out Jasmine’s profile. 我地好高興宣佈Jasmine將會加入The Underground擔任寫作大師!

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Rulapalooza #2 on 11th July 2020 (7月11日)


After a successful launch, our second edition of Rulapalooza on July 11th promises to bring together some of the heavier bands on the scene for a raucous night of musical mayhem…

Openers Kyanos are a formidable all-girl metalcore band, set to deliver the goods and rev up the crowd for a thunderous start.

Ozzy Ozzy oxen free! Supernaut are next up to bat, armed with numerous covers from the legendary Black Sabbath- and boy do they do them justice.

Third on the roster is the amazing Wreckage of Progress. A recent review on the Underground extols their “energy, great singing and playing, blue guitars, red hair, double-time metal rhythms and synchronised head-banging – what’s not to like?”Come see what the fuss is all about, and why they snagged a spot at a Canadian music festival last year.

Finally we close the show with Two Finger Salute, a tight unit of seasoned punk rockers. Don’t be fooled- they may be well known and respected, but these boys are sure to round us off with boundless chaotic energy.

Dig out your band tees and forget the gym on 11th July- all the head banging you’ll be doing, it would be pointless.See you in the pit at Rula Live!



接下來嘅Supernaut準備咗幾首經典樂隊Black Sabbath嘅cover比各位感受昔日傳奇嘅魅力。

第三隊就係Wreckage of Progress。The Underground最近嘅一篇樂評指佢地「力量、歌唱技巧、演奏技巧、結他、紅髮、金屬風節奏、搖頭,乜都齊,點能夠唔愛上佢地?」

表演最後由Two Finger Salute作收尾。呢隊龐克搖滾味濃嘅型格樂隊,唔好睇佢地斯斯文文咁,到時一定會用澎湃嘅音樂嚇大家一跳!

7月11號,咪鬼再理你精心規劃嘅gym plan,搵番你件band tee出黎同大家一齊頭fingfing享受搖滾同金屬嘅狂歡之夜啦!到時候Rula Live見!

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Bands! The Underground can now help you make stickers & T-shirts. Band友們,The Underground現在可以幫你們製作貼紙和T-shirt了


Band merchandise is perfect for promoting a band! Order your customized band stickers and t-shirts from The Underground! Email us now!
樂團商品能為一個樂團作出宣傳,在The Underground訂製樂團貼紙和T恤衫!電郵我們去了解多點吧!

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