General Achlin Achlino & the Captains: Afro Reggae Sensations Take the Stage at Summer Festival. General Achlin Achlino & the Captains:非洲雷鬼音樂將在夏日大派對中大放異彩!


30-06-23 @



    Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing sounds of General Achlin Achlino & the Captains as they set the stage ablaze at this year’s Summer Festival. This powerhouse Afro Reggae band, led by the charismatic Achlin Achlino, will transport you to a world where infectious rhythms and soulful melodies reign supreme. With a lineup of exceptional musicians hailing from Nigeria, Togo, Senegal, and Hong Kong, their music transcends borders and creates an unforgettable sonic experience. From pulsating basslines to hypnotic percussion, each note will weave its way into your soul. Get ready to dance and surrender to the irresistible energy of General Achlin Achlino & the Captains.

    準備好迎接General Achlin Achlino & the Captains帶來的震撼音樂未?佢哋會喺今年嘅夏日大派對中點燃整個舞台!由風采非凡嘅Achlin Achlino帶領嘅呢支超強非洲雷鬼樂隊,會令你投身予一個充滿魅力的音樂世界。來自尼日利亞、多哥、塞內加爾同香港嘅出色音樂家所組成嘅陣容,佢哋嘅音樂跨越國界,為你創造出難以忘懷的音樂體驗。從強而有力的低音到迷人的打擊樂,每個音符都將滲入您的靈魂。準備好你嘅舞步,盡情享受General Achlin Achlino & the Captains所帶嚟嘅不可抗拒嘅能量喇!


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