Wild Boar Music Festival happening on 14th March 2021. 野豬音樂節.


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    On Sunday 14th of March, a new music festival is landing in Hong Kong to cure those Covid blues.

    Rising from the ashes of a tough year for live music, the Wild Boar Music Festival is determined to revamp gigs as you know them. Showcasing some of the best Hong Kong bands in a COVID Responsible outdoor setting, get ready for a full afternoon and evening of musical antics!

    The afternoon session (1pm to 430pm) promises all-round entertainment to get you grooving, with performances from the likes of local jazz band Kowloon K, reggae band Murphy’s Law, all girl pop band WHIZZ, Good Funk Shui and Celtic rockers The Naggin Eejits.

    The evening session (6pm to 10pm) will up the ante and crank up the volume. With rap acts TripleSix and Delta T, funk rock band Funkee Tung, psychedelic delights ShumKing Mansion, cinematic-rockers Nowhere Boys, and heavy metal headliners NiLiu 逆流 promising to bring out your wild side, we’ve got what you need to turn this year around. And last year, for that matter.

    Tickets can be purchased in groups of two or four in accordance with Government regulations. So gather some friends, rediscover the joy of live music, and make some rocking new memories.

    The day’s rundown has been curated by The Underground, an organisation established 17 years ago to promote live music in Hong Kong. The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park is Hong Kong’s Ultimate Socially Distanced Entertainment Experience. Audience members are seated in private pods with large deck chairs and do not need to leave their pod to order food and beverages. Extensive cleaning will be carried out between the afternoon and evening sessions so you can enjoy the festivities with peace of mind.

    Tickets available here.



    中午環節(下午1時至4時半)會全面為您帶來聞歌起舞的演出,包括本地爵士樂隊Kowloon K和Good Funk Shui,雷鬼樂隊Murphy’s Law,全女班的WHIZZ,也不少得凱爾特搖滾樂隊The Naggin Eejits。

    而晚上環節(下午6時至10時)則是更為精彩,由說唱歌手TripleSix和Delta T蛋撻頭,放克搖滾樂隊Funkee Tung, 迷幻音樂代表ShumKing Mansion,電影式搖滾Nowhere Boys,最後有重型樂隊NiLiu逆流幫你釋放野性,去年今年,一併改善。


    當天的活動策劃人為The Underground,一個已成立16年,致力於推動香港現場音樂的組織。位於AIA Vitality Park的TheGrounds是香港的「迎接社交新常態 大型休閒及娛樂空間」。觀眾能安坐於已配置太陽椅的私人花園,他們亦無須離開所在範圍去購買食物及飲品。廣泛的清潔將於中午場及晚上場的中段時間實行,大家請放心享受音樂節。


    The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park
    Hong Kong’s Ultimate Socially Distanced Entertainment Experience.
    The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park incorporates a giant LED screen, state of the art sound system & hi-tech stage, bringing a selection of entertainment options to the Hong Kong Harbourfront for you to enjoy from the comfort and safety of your own private pod.

    2.5m x 2.5m picket fenced garden
    1.5m distance between each pod
    4 x extra large deck chairs
    1 x table
    1 x lamp

    The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park
    The Grounds at AIA Vitality Park 現場設有一個巨型LED屏幕,先進音響系統及舞台,為中環海濱帶來多種娛樂選擇,讓您在

    2.5米 x 2.5米圍上柵欄的私人花園
    4 x 太陽椅
    1 x 桌子
    1 x 暖燈

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