Amino Shower


Message from Amino Shower about CD3 Release Party A:

The Underground compilation #3 party A was really great, which set the scene for the launching of this meaningful CD, representing a synergy of creative power among different local bands with their unique style!

As the event’s core philosophy about open minded attitude on indie music, those who dropped by, or stayed throughout the entire performance were meaningful celebrities…they enjoyed much to immerse under this wall of sound. In the warm atmosphere, people gave reflection and shown their appreciation to favorite acts…

Now the CD#3 in my player, I have my recall of this intensive the slogan on the CD cover: we ‘re from different roots what made our background and the bed rock of our spirit, the same thing set the boys and girls free and live beyond our constraints is rock!!
Amino Shower

U88_165.JPGLive Review from Underground 88:
A 3 piece with a guitarist who could have been the Hong Kong Kurt Cobain. I swear the sweater he was wearing was identical to the famous one that Cobain wears in the highly documented Unplugged show. What I liked about Amino Shower, was their explosive start, it was sort of like, “yes, the bands before us were good, but Hi, we’re here to start the rock.” A lot of their songs make you think of bigger names, and their music seems to be one big blend of all these names. For a quick example, their first song sounded like a mash up of Muse and The Black Rebel Motorcyle club. Amino Shower, have a song that everyone seem to know called My Facebook Hero, where the crowd sang along to. That’s always nice to see. Versatility is one of the top virtues this band have, as every single song was very different. We had a generic punkballad (Think Simple Plans ‘I’m just a Kid’) then a song where we hear reggae type upstrokes on the guitar. These guys put on a good performance as well, that kept the audience focused and entertained. Nicely done.
Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog

u75003.JPGLive Review from Underground 75:

Amino Shower is the first band playing in Underground 75. Being the first to play is hard, audience are always not ready to bounce, but Amino Shower did it! Many girls bouncing in front of the stage from the first song till the end of their performance! The third song is nice, I feel like having a tour to the country side in the guitar solo. Vocalist’s voice is more suitable for higher range. They prepared a booklet with lyrics for audience.
Rocky (vocalist -Killer Soap)

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