Compilation CD3 – Launch Party A


What an awesome party this was! FIVE great bands from CD3 rocking out at The Cavern!! Thanks so much to Koya san for making CD3 possible. Thanks to the wonderful sponsors of prizes: Cathay Pacific, Nokia, Tom Lee Music, HMV, Hard Rock Hotel Macau and SilverBlack Card! Thanks to everyone who supports original music in Hong Kong!
love Chris B xx


U-CD3-A_015.jpg U-CD3-A_017.jpg

U-CD3-A_001.jpg U-CD3-A_022.jpg U-CD3-A_024.jpg U-CD3-A_004.jpg U-CD3-A_027.jpg U-CD3-A_029.jpg U-CD3-A_033.jpg U-CD3-A_006.jpg U-CD3-A_035.jpg U-CD3-A_007.jpg U-CD3-A_038.jpg U-CD3-A_008.jpg U-CD3-A_009.jpg U-CD3-A_041.jpg U-CD3-A_042.jpg U-CD3-A_043.jpg U-CD3-A_011.jpg U-CD3-A_045.jpg U-CD3-A_012.jpg U-CD3-A_046.jpg U-CD3-A_013.jpg

U-CD3-A_049.jpg U-CD3-A_050.jpg U-CD3-A_051.jpg U-CD3-A_052.jpg U-CD3-A_053.jpg U-CD3-A_054.jpg U-CD3-A_055.jpg U-CD3-A_057.jpg U-CD3-A_058.jpg U-CD3-A_059.jpg U-CD3-A_060.jpg


Before The Underground, Uranus was purely several great mates jamming and enjoying the vibe from good music. Global Battle Of the Bands came along and, with a couple of original songs under the belt, the notion of playing live went from being a joke to a challenge. Uranus was born. In our first ever live gig we finished in the top three. As a result, the Underground invited us to perform live at California a month later and suddenly there were calls for us to perform all over town. If it wasn’t for Chris B and her dedication to live music, Uranus would be just another rock fantasy in the minds of 5 busy individuals. But through your support you’ve created a band hungry for more live performances, more groupie adoration, more crowd applause, more Underground appearances, platinum record deals, world tours. Being asked to perform on CD3 is an absolute honour. The experience of recording in a studio for Underground CD3 and then hearing those songs on the radio is very special. Chris B and the Underground is as much a part of Uranus as the musicians William, Dom, Jasper, Ed and myself. Rock On Underground.
Craig Leeson

The Underground provides Uranus with a much needed mode of creative expression and exposure.

New fresh music and great parties — thank you for making it happen. Hong Kong is a better place because of The Underground!

Chris, your passion and energy are an inspiration to Uranus. As you could see from our performance at the launch party, Uranus loves playing for The Underground.

Uranus loves you!

We had a cosmic blast! Thankfully it was only Dom who took his shirt off and the stage was high and wide enough for William to bring out his “A” stage performance. Ed & Craig’s guitars ripped through a heaving Lan Kwai Fong and I was even spotted smiling at one stage. It was that good.

The Cavern lived up to it’s reputation of having one of the best live set ups in HK making the sounds of Uranus sound even better.

U-CD3-A_004.jpg U-CD3-A_026.jpg U-CD3-A_028.jpg U-CD3-A_031.jpg U-CD3-A_006.jpg U-CD3-A_038.jpg U-CD3-A_008.jpg U-CD3-A_039.jpg U-CD3-A_042.jpg U-CD3-A_043.jpg U-CD3-A_011.jpg U-CD3-A_045.jpg U-CD3-A_012.jpg U-CD3-A_013.jpg U-CD3-A_014.jpg U-CD3-A_047.jpg U-CD3-A_049.jpg U-CD3-A_017.jpg U-CD3-A_051.jpg U-CD3-A_053.jpg U-CD3-A_054.jpg U-CD3-A_055.jpg U-CD3-A_056.jpg U-CD3-A_057.jpg U-CD3-A_058.jpg U-CD3-A_062.jpg U-CD3-A_064.jpg

Winner of the SilverBlack Card draw: U-CD3-A_065.jpg



First and foremost, we would like to thank Chris B (ROCK MOMMA =P) and Koya Hisakazu (Faro’s Baby HAHAHA), the entire crew of The Underground (Wain, Heather, Yan, Angus, Calvin etc.) for always showing your undying support for us and ALL the bands and also for giving us the chance to actually be in a CD!!! You made us and I’m sure other young musicians a stage we can call home! And also to the staff of The Cavern and to Dj Ivanne for setting up the stage and for the great sound. All you guys made it all happen!!!

The launch for OneLastFall, was an amazing experience! The crowd was awesome! As soon as you entered the venue you can already feel the crowds eagerness for the show to start off. And what a way to start the rockin night with a loud BAAAAAANG with non other than URANUS! And to collaborate with the ever AWESOME Good Fellas (WOOHOO) once again was… Orgasmic! Lol We felt a sense of accomplishment and pride when we first stepped on the stage. We felt like Gods and Goddesses when we started doing our thing… We were untouchable! The vibe we felt from everyone that night was like no other! We hope that we left our mark on The Cavern’s stage and in the hearts of the crowd… as much as we know that April 17th, 2010 will forever be locked and sealed in our heads as one of the most memorable nights OneLastFall will ever have!

U-CD3-A_010.jpg U-CD3-A_015.jpg U-CD3-A_017.jpg U-CD3-A_019.jpg U-CD3-A_021.jpg U-CD3-A_022.jpg U-CD3-A_024.jpg U-CD3-A_026.jpg U-CD3-A_030.jpg U-CD3-A_031.jpg U-CD3-A_032.jpg U-CD3-A_039.jpg U-CD3-A_040.jpg U-CD3-A_043.jpg U-CD3-A_045.jpg U-CD3-A_049.jpg U-CD3-A_052.jpg U-CD3-A_055.jpg U-CD3-A_057.jpg U-CD3-A_062.jpg U-CD3-A_001.jpg

U-CD3-A_008.jpg U-CD3-A_009.jpg

Good Fellas

Never lose this feeling oh yeah, never get tired of singing oh yeah! – this is the first line of our song “Nothing about my way”, and I want to dedicate this to everyone who organise the show, play the show, and attend the show. It is not necessary only about singing, but it is all about your mentality, to support art and creativity in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is famous for unbalance growth of economic development and creativity, fuck it, lets change it.
Keep believing!

All of you support make us stand firmer, higher, and cooler than before.

I think I have shoot almost everyone of you in Underground shows, so let the best moments be remembered!

U-CD3-A_002.jpg U-CD3-A_004.jpg U-CD3-A_005.jpg U-CD3-A_006.jpg U-CD3-A_008.jpg U-CD3-A_009.jpg U-CD3-A_011.jpg U-CD3-A_012.jpg U-CD3-A_015.jpg U-CD3-A_017.jpg U-CD3-A_018.jpg U-CD3-A_023.jpg U-CD3-A_021c.jpg U-CD3-A_025.jpg U-CD3-A_027.jpg U-CD3-A_030.jpg U-CD3-A_032.jpg U-CD3-A_033.jpg

U-CD3-A_020.jpg U-CD3-A_021.jpg

Winner of Hard Rock Hotel Macau prize: U-CD3-A_024f.jpg U-CD3-A_036.jpg

Winner of Nokia X6 phone:U-CD3-A_038.jpg U-CD3-A_025.jpgU-CD3-A_047.jpg

U-CD3-A_048.jpg U-CD3-A_050.jpg U-CD3-A_051.jpg U-CD3-A_052.jpg U-CD3-A_053.jpg U-CD3-A_056.jpg U-CD3-A_058.jpg U-CD3-A_059.jpg U-CD3-A_061.jpg U-CD3-A_062.jpg U-CD3-A_064.jpg U-CD3-A_065.jpg U-CD3-A_066.jpg U-CD3-A_069.jpg U-CD3-A_071.jpg

Amino Shower

The Underground compilation #3 party A was really great, which set the scene for the launching of this meaningful CD, representing a synergy of creative power among different local bands with their unique style!

As the event’s core philosophy about open minded attitude on indie music, those who dropped by, or stayed throughout the entire performance were meaningful celebrities…they enjoyed much to immerse under this wall of sound. In the warm atmosphere, people gave reflection and shown their appreciation to favorite acts…

Now the CD#3 in my player, I have my recall of this intensive the slogan on the CD cover: we ‘re from different roots what made our background and the bed rock of our spirit, the same thing set the boys and girls free and live beyond our constraints is rock!!

Amino Shower

U-CD3-A_007.jpg U-CD3-A_010.jpg U-CD3-A_011.jpg U-CD3-A_015.jpg U-CD3-A_016.jpg U-CD3-A_017.jpg U-CD3-A_018.jpg U-CD3-A_019.jpg U-CD3-A_020.jpg U-CD3-A_022.jpg U-CD3-A_026.jpg U-CD3-A_027.jpg U-CD3-A_028.jpg U-CD3-A_029.jpg U-CD3-A_030.jpg U-CD3-A_031.jpg U-CD3-A_033.jpg U-CD3-A_037.jpg U-CD3-A_038.jpg

Winner of Cathay Pacific two Business Class tickets to Taipei: U-CD3-A_042.jpg

U-CD3-A_001.jpg U-CD3-A_002.jpg U-CD3-A_003.jpg

The Sleeves

Bee It’s always great to see a packed Hong Kong bar, filled with enthusiastic music fans, rocking out to Hong Kong music.

Keith It was a great atmosphere and a great night. The sound system at The Cavern was fantastic and everyone was getting into the music. In fact it was the perfect way to celebrate the CD and our first year with The Underground. Here’s to many more !


photos © Copyright 2010 by ANGUS LEUNG

poster by ANGUS LEUNG

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