Underground 75


What a wonderful start to 2009 & to the Year of the Ox! Thanks to California for hosting our first show there, the sound was great – J.D. the soundman was great and we look forward to our next show there in March.
love Chris B xx


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Amino Shower

Amino Shower is the first band playing in Underground 75. Being the first to play is hard, audience are always not ready to bounce, but Amino Shower did it! Many girls bouncing in front of the stage from the first song till the end of their performance! The third song is nice, I feel like having a tour to the country side in the guitar solo. Vocalist’s voice is more suitable for higher range. They prepared a booklet with lyrics for audience.
Rocky (vocalist -Killer Soap)


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Spodac played a long instrumental introduction at the beginning, it reminds me of a UK band called “The Whiles”. I like them a lot. Spodac is good at instrumentation. They arrange songs in a good balance in use of instruments. Introductions and endings of every songs are very impressive! From their songs, I think they listen to various kinds of music. They have musical elements from different music styles in their performance.
Rocky (vocalist -Killer Soap)

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Velvette Vendetta

Cannot remember how many times I have seen Velvette Vendetta (VV) on the stage. The first time we met was about 3 years ago in a band show in Tuen Mun. One thing I really appreciate is VV’s vocalist; every vocalist has to give himself a “signature” style. Jacky’s vibrato is his signature, he was already using it 3 year ago! I think VV’s style is changing, I would say their style sound now is more or less like My Chemical Romance. They are really playing dark classical music using rock instruments. With the audience screaming for an encore when they finished playing, VV then played one more song! The final song was great!

Rocky (vocalist -Killer Soap)

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Gong Wu

I was speechless and didn’t write anything when Gong Wu played. IT WAS AWESOME!! It is my pleasure to say Gong Wu is my favourite of the night! They ROCK! The new line-up of Gong Wu make them more rock solid! (What a muscle team!! I am going to get my band to fitness centre from this week. I mean it.) The new drummer Lawrence made a perfect drum and bass team with Gavin. Andrew’s guitar licks impressed me and Kevin (Guitarist of Killersoap). About Li, his passion of Rock and Roll lights up everyone in the venue, what we see is POWER! Don’t miss any shows of Gong Wu!

Rocky (vocalist -Killer Soap)

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Snoblind impressed the audience a lot! They are the final band of the night. We always see one player with one instrument on the hand, this time we got hundreds of instruments on the stage but just two players to handle! There was two laptops connected with plenty devices such as midi controllers, mixers. They even have a wireless iPod connected to the computers too! Snoblind gives the venue a fresh atmosphere, they are the only band of the night playing electronic music! Audience waving on the dance floor while Snoblind presenting their music! If Snoblind do some rapping in the future, they are gonna be party heros!

Rocky (vocalist -Killer Soap)

photos © Copyright 2009 by ANGUS LEUNG
Poster by Sheli

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