Blademark (Macau)


Live Review from Macau Underground 5:

Just before midnight and Blademark took the stage. Unfortunately, their set was cut short, as the show ran long with technical difficulties, but Blademark once again proved to be the perfect band to end the night. The band brought their trademark brand of nu-metal and turned the volume up to 11, and the crowd responded enthusiastically. The addition of a Guzheng player to “Battlesong” proved that the band wasn’t scared to move beyond their roots and experiment a little, and their short set climaxed with the one-two punch of “Darekong” and, my personal favourite, “BandAge”. It’s just a shame their set had to be cut short, but they left the crowd happy and wanting more.

the FU


Live Review from Macau Underground Two:
One of the most well known band in Macau, they’re also the headline of the night, heavy and melodic rock with excellent stage performance! The singer’s performance was outstanding and also professional in singing with the heavy rock music. Their set also gave the audience a chance to stage dive, jumping and scream! Everyone felt disappointed when they finished their set, because they just don’t get enough!
Capping off the evening with the hardest sound of all, some Macau Underground veterans returned to the stage. Blademark crowned the evening with some serious anger. Singer Fortes got the audience thrashing and the Cantometal sound ended the evening on a high-energy note. You can hear Blademark on their Myspace page
Jeremy Phillips


Live Review from Macau Underground Zero:
Third band, Blade Mark, is my favorite band for that night, their music is mainly metal with some funk and rap element, their singer is very dramatic and dynamic in the way he sings with such angry facial expressions, he rocks the whole show with his own real rock star charisma.

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