Born to Hula


Live Review from Underground 60:
Born to Hula is a 3 piece outfit comprising of a lead/rhythm guitar, drums, and, unusually, in the land of small flats and narrow streets, a double bass. The music was dark and rhythmic, and in a melting pot of styles ranging from the 60s to grunge. The songs are interestingly crafted with some great hooks but yet the band seemed disconnected from the audience (us!). Sure there wasn’t that many people there, but weren’t those of us who turned up worth entertaining? I like the double bass playing and the girl drummer is cute, really cute AND she really can drum and sing. Lead vocalist (Harry?) is charismatic enough to front the band. The overall consensus is that they are punky and funny.
Kennie Triad


Live Review from Underground 48:
Gracing the Underground’s stage as a three piece described as “noisy” by the band itself and “quirky” by Chris B, Harry on vocals, with his larger than life persona, June – a very cute drummer who is more than a pretty face and Angus on the double bass, are “Born to Hula”. Together they sounded like they’ve taken every Brit pop songs that they’ve ever liked between the 70s and tomorrow, stirred them into a big melting pot and liberally spiced with their blend of quirks and attitudes. I think “quirky” is not entirely inappropriate word: there was a certain awkwardness about the band that was all part of what made this such a charming outfit – the double bass was simply the icing on the cake that made Hula so pleasantly different from so many others – I’m sure I wasn’t the only person who was surprised that they have only been together for a few months!
Bunny C

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