Compilation CD Launch Party B


Wow! Wow! Wow! Six awesome bands that played! Even the Hong Kong Police Force showed up to lend their support! And apparently they check out this our website too! Thanks to Club Cixi, the soundcrew and the bar staff and Red Bull and Asahi and JIA HONG KONG (for the awesome prize),, BC Magazine and of course all the great bands. So excited that we forgot to tell everyone that this CD is now available on as well as HK Records and CD Warehouse and more places coming soon…. 🙂
Chris B xx



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We were COOL! All bands were COOL! Party was COOL! Beer was COOL! and POLICEMEN were so COOL!
Our drummer was going back to Japan after the show. So we hope NOTHING he enjoys in Japan!!
Koya~Sea Monsters


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Wow~ “Forgot” has really got a great time at the Launch Party @Cixi, with great bands, great stage, great atmosphere… Everything seems perfect! That’s just what we expected!!

Thanks for all supporters and the staffs of The Underground and Club Cixi, they had been very helpful to us!

And, thanks to The Underground for supporting local bands and music. It’s important for all bands in Hong Kong! Thanks for releasing such a good compilation CD and holding a Party for us! Especially thanks for Chris B and Koya San, they are brilliant! Really appreciate!!


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– Look at me mum! We got put on a CD!

And this is super cool, for all the bands involved; there’s no denying it. Not only did we get a chance to show off on the shiny disks, we also got to get on stage and show off by getting ourselves all sweaty and making a noise with some of our friends. We also got to get drunk. That’s pretty much all the reasons anybody gets into a band right there – a chance to show off and for an excuse to drink. Neither are truly laudable, but I’m not going to make excuses. Hopefully, the CD is also a chance for Hong Kong itself to show off too, cos by God I’m tired of us being overlooked internationally in favour of Beijing bands. That’s what the CD says: “if we’re not here, then look out we’re coming.” Really, what we have here is coming to equal what they have there. Maybe not there yet, but in the year or so that I’ve been in HK things have changed drastically. This isn’t just down to the burgeoning numbers of bands actually worth giving a fuck about, but down to the energy and commitment of a few individuals. Chris B and Koya – big thanks!

And anyway, on to the night. My highlight: the aftershow party. I was dancing like a village drunk in Yumla and turned round to see the singer from F.B.I. also dancing hard. He shouted the chorus to one of our songs at me over the racket and we hugged (but in a manly way). That felt very rock and roll.
Born to Hula


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We feel so privileged to be part of the 1st Underground CD Compilation. There are so many great bands on both CDs. Thanks to all of the other bands who played on the night. You were terrific.

The Sea Monsters started the night with a bang. Koya was great, directing his troupe through the complexities of an improvisational set. Forgot was nice, easy listening music while I had a few drinks before my set. Then, I had Born to Hula’s ‘satellites’ in my head again, which appears on the compilation CD.

Then, we were up. It was our party too and we were there to enjoy ourselves. So, I couldn’t help having a few drinks before we were due to play. But, like Bender from the cartoon ‘Futurama’, I think I had exactly the correct dose because we were playing really tight and having the time of our lives.

We cheekily played two more songs than we intended to because we were having so much fun on stage. That gave us the opportunity to change up styles and play two more songs, including ‘FBI’, which is always a crowd favourite. Before we got to that, we did a cover of ‘Respect tou PK’ by 24 Herbs. This song is so much fun to perform. So many people came up to me at the end of the show and said that they loved the ‘PK’, we are going to have to do it again at another show real soon.

Next, it was Velvette Vendetta’s turn to tear up the stage. I looked forward to hearing both of their songs from the compilation CD, which are some of my favourite. The booze kept on rolling and as VV’s eclectic sounds filled the air.

By now, it was getting late, later than the usual Underground. Violent Jokes provided great music to dance to while the alcohol started to take control. Then, we had a police raid. Like come on, really. Checking the liquor license is one of the silliest things I have heard. Shouldn’t you have a record of it anyway? Sounds like something u could do from a desk. Don’t you think? Anyway, when the police came they ordered the music to be turned off and everyone to be quiet. Why? All they want to do is to come in and assert their authority. No disrespect Mr. Officer, but that doesn’t mean I am not allowed to continue my conversation. Don’t tread on my civil liberties, alright? We are still under the common law, aren’t we?

But, it wasn’t the cops who minded me talking. They were cool. Three security guards surrounded me trying to get me to shut up. I couldn’t help but see the funny side to it. They won’t forget who I am now. Haha. I was wondering why security were looking at me weird last time I came in there.. I didn’t get kicked out for talking, luckily.

Anyway, to Violent Jokes credit, they continued the show once the cops had left. The put on a great show and even debuted a new song, which was excellent. I love the idea of having a live drum ‘n’ bass band.

Thanks again to all the bands involved with the CD!!! Big thanks goes to Chris B and Koya for making this project a reality!!! Thanks to the Underground for giving so many HK bands the opportunity to play live shows and to be heard by the public. HK needs the Underground! Please support it!


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“First of all, we would like to send our warm regards to Chris B, our ‘Rock Mom’, for putting an awe-inspiring effort on the Underground Compilation CDs. For the past 2 years, since we decided to step our feet in the HK indie scene, we have witnessed tremendous success of Underground shows. However, the best accomplishment in the history of Underground will probably be the Compilation CDs.

Secondly, a heartfelt thanks to ‘Kuma’, Master Koya. No one will dispute that Koya is the easiest person to work with on this planet. He has always been a good advisor, role model and dear friend to us. We will never forget the times we drank booze at Mark-1 Studio and got hot & steamy! Oh and, we’ll keep doing so!

Of course, without the involvement of fellow bands, Underground Compilation CD would not be a reality. Kudos to all the bands in the compilation discs. The tracks on CDs were simply brilliant. That begs the question ‘Why are we still here?’

Last but not least, Thanks to Uncle Calvin, Erik and Yangyang for making Underground better than ever! Thanks to Born to Hula, Sea Monster, Violent Jokes, FBI and other fellow bands that played an excellent show on second #1 Compilation launch gig (I would only consider it a party if there is free booze flowing on the floorJ). Respect and love to our friends; Bun, Ida, Johnny, Sabrina and others who aren’t mentioned, for helping us out throughout the year even though we’re such a pain in the rear.

Lastly, special thanks to staffs in Club Cixi, apologizes for deranging the stage.

We’re going back to Hell!!”

Velvette Vendetta


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Violent Jokes have played The Underground a few times already, but I am sure I won’t forget easily the night we released the Compilation CD.
It was very rewarding to see such a good crowd of people dancing to our tunes and demanding more Drum n Bass, to keep jumping till late night.
Not even Hong Kong police managed to stop us, no matter how hard they tried, checking everybody’s ID.
And, oh yes: we’ve even got compliments for our matching tank tops.
A special night, indeed.
Cla (from Violent Jokes)

Above photos © Copyright by Yan

Thanks to Sabrina of No Sabbath for the coolest poster! sabrinalogo.jpg

Po Kei who won the wonderful prize – one night suite in JIA Hotel, sent this to us after he enjoyed his prize:
Firstly, thanks to The Underground for the prize, actually I have heard about JIA Hotel for a while, and this is a very good chance for me to experience it for myself. I have picked my birthday to use this prize, making it more meaningful! hahaha…..The location of the hotel is perfect, in the middle of the busy Causeway Bay, which is near to everything (especially good food). The room is big, and give me a “home” feeling, mini kitchen, living room, dinner table, and a very lovely bedroom! I also enjoyed hi-fi in the living room, i ended up watching few dvd and relaxed very much in the hotel!! Thanks again!

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