Forever Never Ends

Live Review from Post-Valentine Rock Show:

Let Go
Friends and Dreams
More to Life
Don’t Give Up
Here with you

A beautiful, lush, emotional post-rock opening launched Forever Never End’s set at The Underground. It was the band’s first full show in more than a decade and represented a reunion of sorts, with friends gathering in the audience to celebrate their return. The band created arresting soundscapes in a post-hardcore/emo vein, recalling the likes of Lit, Taking Back Sunday, Sunny Day Real Estate and My Chemical Romance in their grunge-y guitar and emotional, open-diary lyrics.

Lead singer Carlos was a natural showman with a fantastically powerful voice and stage presence bolstered by the band’s strong musicianship, passion, energy and chemistry. You used a loud-soft contrast with a chugging riff breakdown that exploded like the Foo Fighters’ Everlong. Although lyrics occasionally slipped into vaguely inspirational platitudes, the songwriting seemed genuine, if unoriginal in its production. “We’re not afraid to say that we’re OGs,” said Carlos. They were a cut above the other acts of the night and should have been headlining.
– LJ

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Performances by Forever Never Ends: