Post-Valentine Rock Show


Whether you are nursing a broken heart or simply sick of Valentine’s Day’s cheesy clichés, we’ve got the perfect antidote for you – Post-Valentine Rock Show!



Formed in 2019, Nitrate exists because we wanna revive 90s Brit-pop vibe. All members are veteran musicians in HK indie scene and we believe Live music is always charming.
Bernard – Guitar and keyboard
Egg – Vocal and Guitar
Kevin – Bass
Ben – Drums

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Forever Never Ends

Forever never ends was birthed from a desire to see music go beyond the superficial, and get back to our emotional music roots. As indie rockers, as well as good friends, we share a heart to create high energy music that helps to push through life’s “hurricanes”.

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Andy Is Typing…

Andy is Typing…’s influences range from Hong Kong rock bands like Beyond & KOLOR; to Britpop classics like Oasis; J-rock and even classical music. Their inspiration for songwriting revolves around everyday stories happening around them. Their vision is very clear: they want their music to be authentic, melodic, simple and universal. They love to write good music, and will become the best Hong Kong band the world has ever seen.
The band name “Andy is Typing…” was inspired by social messaging. As they were trying to rename the band in the chat group, it was constantly showing “Andy is typing…” as Andy kept typing. The other members immediately liked the feeling of the phrase, thus “Andy is Typing…” was born.

“Andy is Typing…” released their debut single in April 2017. Arranged with aggressive bass slap-pop riffs and intense drum parts, it is peculiarly a love song written by JKY to express his fatigue over being involved in complicated modern relationships.
Later on, Andy is Typing… had an opportunity to set up a feature with KOLOR, a well-known established Hong Kong rock band, and released their fourth single which was originally written by Andy is Typing… and co-arranged by both bands. is the first song from the band that is available in both English and Cantonese versions.
Following the release of several singles like and , the band released their first EP <3:1> in Jan 2021 with six songs. The gimmick of the EP is that it has 3 different versions of lyrics (Cantonese, English and Mandarin) for the songs.
In Feb 2022, Andy is Typing… released an experimental lo-fi beat type of track named < 答 應 我 要 好 好 的 過 >, contrasting the band’s usual direct and rock music type of vibe. Later on in September of the same year, the band released another single named , a song about having a carefree attitude.


Whitt’s End

Whitt’s End are a pop punk/rock trio, performing high energy modern rock and original songs.

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KATER is a Hong Kong local band, formed by 5 members – a female lead singer, 3 guitarists and a drummer.

We named the band after the first letter of each of the memeber’s English name:

K amie – the female lead singer
A ddie – guitarist
T im – guitarist
E ster – bassist
R yan – drummer

We share the same passion – music. Music ignites our dreams and brought us to each other. We all believe music carries many different personalities. We play music with a vision – to touch people’s souls.

Kater had released in 2022; And & in 2023. in 2024

【K A T E R】是香港本地樂隊,由五位成員組成,於2019年成立

TIM 結他手
ESTER 低音結他手





KATER於2022年發佈了單曲《末日》及《你說》;隨後2023年發佈了《情感動物》及《Tears On Smile》


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