u72038.jpgLive Review from Underground 72:
This is the craziest band name ever – it invites the audience and listener to forget this band which is a shame as they have lots of great points – the whole band is intense and the songs are cleverly crafted. The one song with harmonic vocals was simply amazing. This band knows how to use their instruments to add atmosphere to their performance. It was also great to hear the only keyboards of the night. I like this band but they really should change their name to something more positive and easier to remember.
Ashley B.

Click here to watch Forgot playing their original song: The Real!


Live Review from Underground 44:
a strange combination of smooth vocals, swingy trancey drums, and almost ambient-style guitars without a particular purpose. more of a slow sway-to-the-music, forget your worries and just groove and wail for awhile type. if i were to describe their style, i’d say they’re relaxed but noisy quirky ambient pop. the general attitude is softly leading. it’s a bit like a chef without an exact recipe, just throwing in everything that seems suitable, and because of the chef’s skill in selecting ingredients, the result is pretty decent.

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