Live Review from Underground 27:
This quintet have an appealing amalgam of early-to-mid 70’s influences. Prime time Sweet bang up against Beggar’s Banquet Stones. There’s also some touches of Thin Lizzy prancing-metal licks, wah-wah solos from The Rattles back catalogue and the slow bassrumble BPM of The Flies or Vanilla Fudge. There’s still a problem with the vocals though, but Glitter continue to mix it up. Early Groundhogs rockblues melodies against cascades of notes of shattered glass..Part Roxy Music, part Dr. Phibes. The crowd seem enamoured with this band and enjoy the Mandarin pop-rock this band play so well. Glitter end their set with a final flourish of good old Stones/Iggy/Bowie rock riffage.
Nick Lovatt

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Performances by Glitter: