Underground 27


THANK YOU to everyone who came down for another superb show!
Thanks so much to everyone who helps out on these shows to make it happen – you people are the best!
Of course, thanks to EDGE and ASAHI for supporting original local music!
love Chris B xx


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Fantastic Day
First time I’ve been to Underground and this band kicked off with a leap by the lead singer onto the guitarist which had them rolling on stage – not sure if it was meant to be cool but it certainly kept me watching from then onwards! Musically this was probably the best band of the night, their songs are melodic and catchy and refreshingly innovative for the HK music scene. Who do they remind me of? Perhaps early Blur or early Suede, I’m glad I caught “HK’s premiere homosexual rent boy cum gothic band” – no gothic in there but shades of New Order. The keyboard were impressive. Only weak point may be the singer needs his vocals tuned into the melody a bit – but the music is strong enough for us to forgive this! I’ll be back for more.
Phil Hedges



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This quintet have an appealing amalgam of early-to-mid 70’s influences. Prime time Sweet bang up against Beggar’s Banquet Stones. There’s also some touches of Thin Lizzy prancing-metal licks, wah-wah solos from The Rattles back catalogue and the slow bassrumble BPM of The Flies or Vanilla Fudge. There’s still a problem with the vocals though, but Glitter continue to mix it up. Early Groundhogs rockblues melodies against cascades of notes of shattered glass..Part Roxy Music, part Dr. Phibes. The crowd seem enamoured with this band and enjoy the Mandarin pop-rock this band play so well. Glitter end their set with a final flourish of good old Stones/Iggy/Bowie rock riffage.
Nick Lovatt



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League of Heroes
I managed to have 2 beers whilst waiting for this band to take their time setting-up whilst some gloomy backing tracks was playing – that became obvious as the band started – it was their own CD! This band with two vocalists, with one using an effected mic, they strut their ‘fuck you over for sure’ attitudes into the audiences faces. I like their attitude and the music isn’t half bad. It’s a shame the songs all sound the same? Or was it the beer? They ARE entertaining to watch live and have tons of energy. The drawback is the predictable screaming and screeching on almost every song, by the end of their extended set, I was craving a bit of variety .
Phil Hedges



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False Alarm
Again, the vocals aren’t forward enough for me, but False Alarm have a cheeky Canto-Cockney appeal about them. Like The English Beat, or The Only Ones.. Musically, a lot is going on. There are variations on the wah-wah pedal, more spacey-echo guitar. There’s reggae breaks, sitar sounds, nagging noodly melodies. Some pogoing post-punks, bouncing around to a buzzsaw refrain. The drummers have all clattered and clashed, pounded their pedals and made a hellacious racket. I’ve enjoyed tonight. Looking forward to seeing False Alarm live again very soon!
Nick Lovatt


A big hands up to the sound & lighting crew of Alexis & Steph! The light show was superb!
You guys did another great job, THANK YOU!

Above photos © Copyright 2006 by Willem Van Der Merwe

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