Gong Wu

Heavy4_110.jpgLive Review from Underground Heavy #4:
Gong Wu! Well, Gong Wu! Typically, they are a heavily gigging band. But recently, they are going through a change of guitarist, and a change of voice (as if vocal Li Xu is growing out of puberty). In reality, Gong Wu is in need of more practice for new guitarist Felix Hung as well as a less heavy singing style for Xu. They played a comfortable set of seven songs while Xu was leading the audience to interact with him easily (plenty of interaction that night, too). To those of us who are familiar with their songs (and it’s rather easy because their songs are all available on their web site for free download), we heard new arrangement for a few songs, most significantly Sugar. I would have no idea if it was the acoustics, because Gavin Ho’s bass was not prominent enough, but, still, Xu’s shirt was off, as usual. No disappointment there.
Bun Ng

cd2partyA145.JPGMessage from Gong Wu about CD 2 Launch Party A:

The underground show was a total blast. It got seriously hot, seriously sweaty and the crowd rocked the house and put up a great fight amidst the onslaught of noise!

Chris B did an awesome job organising the event and finally getting my clutches on our copies of the new CD and taking a listen was pure arousal to the eyes and ears..! Thanks to all involved in putting the show together!


u75096.JPGLive Review from Underground 75:
I was speechless and didn’t write anything when Gong Wu played. IT WAS AWESOME!! It is my pleasure to say Gong Wu is my favourite of the night! They ROCK! The new line-up of Gong Wu make them more rock solid! (What a muscle team!! I am going to get my band to fitness centre from this week. I mean it.) The new drummer Lawrence made a perfect drum and bass team with Gavin. Andrew’s guitar licks impressed me and Kevin (Guitarist of Killersoap). About Li, his passion of Rock and Roll lights up everyone in the venue, what we see is POWER! Don’t miss any shows of Gong Wu!
Rocky (vocalist -Killer Soap)



Live Review from Underground 69:
I mentioned in the previous Underground night I reviewed, that towards the end of the whole thing I was exhausted and drunk; but tonight was different: with all the sexy bands and girls all coming in just to enjoy a sexy night with fags and alcohol, I still stayed hyper. I made my mind up not to write anything from then on, just walked to the front and immersed in the last band’s music, charisma, and all those smells around. That’s Gong Wu playing. As promised, they delivered a wild set which bouncy but smooth funky bassline had never ceased and heavily distorted guitars rhythm, sometimes a speedy riff or solo, but never went over the bar (please note my U67 review about comparing playing guitar solos to having a scoop of ice-cream). As Li Xu’s voice was soaring in the venue, the temperature rose to the peak as he took off his clothes that it wowed me: 6 packs. I can only envy. Come on guys, tell me your training programme and your diet. Seems I’ve become their fan now, forgetting to review their performance. They say in their profile that they “don’t give a fuck”, so just please let me admire them. Be it man or woman, seeing Gong Wu playing is a pleasure. Yes, after their set people were so unwilling to go, so was I. Why not? I don’t know, but as soon as I reached home, I immediately went to Gong Wu’s page to listen to their songs all over again. Thanks for your reading. Good night.
Erik Piecegongwu1.jpg

Live Review from Djizoes in Hong Kong:
Their tunes are hard, rough, and rolling, reminiscient of Nickelback (but without the don’t give a shit attitude) but way harder, and more “with you” and driving. The vocals are fantastic, and are loaded with expression of passion and understanding. Altogether very tight and polished. The soundscape they create is very lush, making you play hopscotch through the tunes and rhythm like a zig-zag roller coaster, constantly accelerating you this way then that. The requisite slow song was decidedly boring in comparison. They only really stand a mile apart from the crowd in their faster, more intense tracks – the rest does not expose their absolutely superior skills and style. The vocals are really good (and it’s worth saying twice)


Live Review from Underground 58:

    Garden of Eden (Guns N’ Roses cover)
    All I Loved
    Heart-Shaped Box (Nirvana cover)
    Your Victim
    Strip It

How shall I put this? Shall I just say that these guys LOVE performing…Look at me! Look at me! mentality …but I guess the best bands are a bit narcissistic. Unbuttoned shirts, medallions, dark shades and big muscles. Wild, energetic, heavy rock and lots of showmanship poured out of these guys. Any criticism? Nope. Weeell, maybe the lead singer guy could grow some more hair on his chest. And they played too many covers. Um ah, naughty!
Good scream-value vocals, well-delivered. I have a soft spot for bands like AC/DC and I could feel my hardened Grinch-like heart growing three sizes bigger when this band started playing. Even a smile cracked the corners of my mouth. The lead singer’s voice excelled and held his own over the loud instruments. Offering a harder rock sound, mixed with a bit of a post-grunge sound and some metal-influenced vocals, it is apparent why Gong Wu has a keen following. Under the final song’s strobe lights their followers weren’t shy about jumping around like fleas escaping the cat’s new collar.
Isobel S. Saunders

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