Compilation CD 2 – Launch Party A


OK wow! Amazing to think we got to the SECOND Compilation CD from The Underground! Thanks so much to Koya from Mark 1 Music Centre who has made this entirely possible! Thanks to Thai Airways for the very generous offer of 2 tickets to Seoul! Won by Miss Mioko! Thanks also to The Fleming Hotel for the gorgeous use of their Executive Suite! Won by Ms Deirdre! And of course thanks to EPIPHONE for that beautiful, gorgeous, sexy Les Paul Electric Guitar. Won by Michael who will be buying an amp and learning guitar~! Thanks to The Cavern & Ivanne (superb soundman!), to Asahi beer, BC Magazine and to And most of all, thanks to all of you who came and lovingly took home CD2. The 11 bands on CD2 are really worth listening to!
love Chris B xx

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Thank you so much to The Underground (!), Koya & Mark 1 music Centre for making it possible for us to be on Compilation CD 2!! We had great fun recording our 2 songs for the CD and we really enjoyed performing and kickstarting Party A! I am really looking forward to seeing our video filmed by Wain. I really really wanted one of my friends to win the Thai Airways tickets to Seoul hahahaha Thanks to BC magazine for such a cool 2 page article about CD2 as well, it feels like we really are ‘going to be famous’ 🙂
Chris B


The sun had barely set when the denizens of the Underground took the stage.
The inevitable effects of the 2-4-1 Asahi deal kicked in
Fire, fights and police raids,
So let us proclaim

Go Baby Go into The Cavern
No incidents, no incidents, “great success!”

You enjoyed this strange new experience and found enlightenment
A rare opportunity to check out the Little Fishes
We hope our lyrical concerns
Debut a full house once again,

Go Baby Go into The Cavern
No incidents, no incidents, “great success!”
Bren C & Mysterious Mr. B

I drank herbal tea , and really enjoyed my evening out, it was a stupendous playing with TOL again…a real treat!
Chris W


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Homeless Alien

“The audience was so great. They enjoyed the show all the time. Gong Wu is bravo!! Yeah!! I have become their fan!!

I felt that the audience paid much attention to listen to Homeless Alien too. Hope that they really enjoyed our music!!”

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Bone Table

It was great to be playing at the launch of the Underground CD #2. Of course we missed having our fourth member – Mr Robert Prevendar, but it was good to play and celebrate being on the CD! We felt pretty good after the gig and certainly we enjoyed watching the other bands as well.

The Underground has supported us over the past three years, and we’ve always enjoyed our Underground gigs at the Edge, The Cavern and Club CiXi. The Underground has done more to support local Hong Kong bands than anyone else in Hong Kong. We hope you can continue for another 5 years and get more bands to have a go and make a noise.

Our setlist for the show was:
Bullet Proof Black Sedan (on the CD!)
Threw It All Away
Takamatsu Jo
You’re Wrong
Taxi to Wan Chai (also on the CD!)

Adrian Furby



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Kissing on the Dance Floor

“It’s a great show with full of passion! We began our first gig in The Underground in 2006 and ended up our last gig in The Underground today. We won’t say we are a super band but we really hope that our music can remark a small section in HK indie music history. A beautiful ending is always a new beginning. We are not leaving this scene. You will see us playing in other groups in the near future. Once again thanks for everyone’s support to KOTDF.”

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cd2partyA138.JPG cd2partyA139.JPG cd2partyA140.JPG cd2partyA141.JPG cd2partyA142.JPG

Lucky winner of 2 tickets to Seoul, Korea!

Courtesy of Thai Airways! Doesn’t Miss Mioko look surprised!


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cd2partyA183.JPG cd2partyA177.JPG cd2partyA178.JPG cd2partyA179.JPG cd2partyA180.JPG cd2partyA181.JPG cd2partyA182.JPG

Gong Wu

The underground show was a total blast. It got seriously hot, seriously sweaty and the crowd rocked the house and put up a great fight amidst the onslaught of noise!

Chris B did an awesome job organising the event and finally getting my clutches on our copies of the new CD and taking a listen was pure arousal to the eyes and ears..! Thanks to all involved in putting the show together!

Above photos © Copyright 2009 by Angus Leung
Poster by Wain

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