Heavy4_172.jpgLive Review from Underground Heavy #4:
Hardpack were going to play two new songs. However, because two members were unavailable that night, they had to switch to playing a short set of four songs. Based on that criteria, I would be unable to comment because even if they played lousy (they did not) I would have to excuse them. But, of course, Hardpack being Hardpack continued to be the greatest pop punk band in Hong Kong (currently being challenged by another pop punk band who had recently released a CD). In this instance, we saw new guitarist Adam (ex-Dear Jane) fitting the role rather well, but did not punch through any surprises. And, as usual, Joseph, and, in particular, drummer Kevin was able to just set the stage on fire. The crowd wanted more, but politely let them go after they decline to honour the “one more”.
Bun Ng


Live Review from 5th Year Anniversary Party:

With music so immediate, it was a shame it took a couple of songs for Hardpack to warm up. But when they did, it all came together very well indeed.

In some ways, Hardpack are the punks from central casting. All the key elements were there, including 1-2-3-4 intros, oi oi oi choruses, plus the occasional welll-chosen detour into melody and harmony. Yet punk clichés are still clichés and two or three of songs lacked that additional dimension to clearly stand apart from parody.

All in all very enjoyable, but kind of hard to follow the exuberance of Us-2…

Paul M


Live Review from Punk Nite 1:
Teen (and beyond) angst at its finest, musically very tight and together, even more so than Green Day. The drummer is always complex and spot on in every way. Vocally very authoritative and confident yet not bossy, they are a bunch of guys who really know what they’re doing and do it. A perfect mix of power and friendliness with a triple dose of energy. Their name is quite accurate, and the music flawless. Despite their punk nature (as opposed to hardcore metal), a fair amount of moshing was evident. Some of the best energy punk i’ve ever heard. PS. Nice touch with Josie Ho coming on stage to sing her Hard Pack written number.


Live Review from Underground 28:
Punksters Hardpack have become one of the most formidable live bands on Hong Kong’s live circuit. After a solid six months of gigging since their high-energy show at Rockit3, bandleader-drummer Kevin and the boys have hit their full stride in confidence and musicianship, and are surely at their peak, growing more adept in their songwriting and arranging, with many pieces offering fun changes in groove and intensity. They have become so ‘pro’ they even bring their own roadies to repair wayward cymbal stands and to collect their guitars after the show! Although most of their music is an obvious tip of the hat to American west-coast punk, like Rancid and NOFX, these boys proudly wear their influences on their sleeve and will never win awards for originality. However, who gives a shit when Hardpack obviously have a great time by giving the crowd a great time? A true home-grown favourite.
Brendan Delfino


Live Review from Underground 13:
Hardpack – the heavy band of the night complete with black tops and mohawks. Opened with a snippet of Anak (Freddy Aguilar) punked up. Kevin (ex-LMF) is top drummer of the night who basically stole the show – fast, fluid, very tight! John Peel would have LOVED this band. Remind me of a cool Blink 182/Sum 41 type band with a cartoon punk style. Their song “Girls Suck” is like a cross between Brian May on guitars with the Ramones plus the speed of delivery of Sum 41. Wow they do serious Punk Rock! The guest vocals for the song with the “Oi! Oi! Oi!” chorus great contrast with the heavy metal hardrock by the guitars. These guys have fun on stage and so do the audience. Well worth seeing if you get the chance.
Nick Lovatt


Live Review from Underground 3:
Hard Pack had the unenviable job of following The Flowers of Babylon at Underground 4 and what an excellent job they did of it. To this untutored ear, they sounded a bit like Green Day at their best, melodic punk stuff which had the audience trying hard not to pogo up and down. The band have been playing for some time now, see their excellent website. They’re into skateboarding like any proper punk band should be…and they design their own t-shirts. Cool!!!!
William Sickey

“Hardpack loves undergroundhk.com like undergroundhk.com loves Hardpack” – Kevin

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