Underground 13


Thanks so much for coming down to support Underground’s first event at Edge, it was awesome to see you there and hope you all enjoyed the great light and sound show that the four bands put on. We at Underground really hope we are filling that niche for you indie fans.
love Chris B xx


Persist are persistent. They have three soundchecks-cum-intros before they kicked off tonight’s show. A four piece. Very entertaining especially for the Cantonese speakers in the audience. All the band sings, they swap guitars around a lot and even the drummer switches with one of the guitarists. All done very smoothly. Playing seven songs altogether, all much of a muchness in the memory afterglow with the biggest cheer when second drummer jumped off the stage. A very lively band. Hints of “Last Days of May” and “Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult and The Troggs. An interesting band that should only get better.
Nick Lovatt

Red Star Rising Fresh from a near sell out performance on the last ferry home to Yung Shue Wan (movie – download here), RSR arrive at Underground 13. Comprising Steve on fancy finger plucking duties, Hugh W (from Shockin Rockin Donkeys) on drums. Sound is fleshed out by upstanding Nude members Kevin and Mark on bass and more guitars. Started their set by announcing to the audience that it is John Peel Day! Playing post-mutant blues songs to songs with a Beefheartian edge of funk blues complete with grimaces from Steve, with interesting song titles such as “Disneyland meets Wanchai”. At times, their music moving into Quiksilver Messenger Service territory (remember Who Do you love?). John Peel would have approved.
Nick Lovatt



Doublethinks channel Oasis. First 3 songs sound the same to me… They sound like they should quieten down a bit, go more semi-acoustic and allow the melodies to breathe, could be a good group for the late lamented Sarah Records or do they want to try to sound like Oasis crossed with Coldplay? They seem to warm up by their fifth song which works as a rocker – almost their Bunnymen moment – bits of Wicked World by Black Sabbath in the last guitar solo. They are definitely getting better but then they stop! Doublethinks, channel more of the Bunnymen!
Nick Lovatt

Hardpackthe heavy band of the night complete with black tops and mohawks. Opened with a snippet of Anak (Freddy Aguilar) punked up. Kevin (ex-LMF) is top drummer of the night who basically stole the show – fast, fluid, very tight! John Peel would have LOVED this band. Remind me of a cool Blink 182/Sum 41 type band with a cartoon punk style. Their song “Girls Suck” is like a cross between Brian May on guitars with the Ramones plus the speed of delivery of Sum 41. Wow they do serious Punk Rock! The guest vocals for the song with the “Oi! Oi! Oi!” chorus great contrast with the heavy metal hardrock by the guitars. These guys have fun on stage and so do the audience. Well worth seeing if you get the chance.
Nick Lovatt

© Copyright 2005 Photos by Chris B

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