Punk Nite @ The Underground


Our first ‘theme’ night at the Underground – thanks so much to The Deported who flew in that morning direct from Taiwan, great show! Much love to Hard Pack & Little Fat Pig who were just awesome! AND MOST OF ALL thanks to the punks and punks-at-heart who came to watch and mosh!love Chris B xx

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Little Fat Pig
holy crap! i wasn’t planning to write a review for this band tonight but their closing song left me speechless so i have to write. The song was a punk-ska rendition of pachelbel’s canon, spectacularly done, that evolved into a bit of mosh metal almost. Purely instrumental and monumentally beautiful, it turned me into an ecstatic tail-wagging dog. Earlier, Melon (lead singer girl) gave us quite an energetic and springy show, sprinkling us with her goodness. The musical styles varied a little, but were always loud and fast. A smaller crowd, as they were the first band to play, probably contributed to the personable and energetically relaxed atmosphere that was the icing on top of their cupcake. A tad unpolished, but real cupcakes are.

1punk67.jpg 1punk68.jpg 1punk69.jpg 1punk70.jpg 1punk71.jpg 1punk72.jpg 1punk73.jpg 1punk74.jpg 1punk75.jpg 1punk76.jpg 1punk77.jpg 1punk78.jpg 1punk79.jpg 1punk80.jpg 1punk81.jpg 1punk82.jpg 1punk83.jpg 1punk84.jpg 1punk85.jpg 1punk86.jpg 1punk87.jpg 1punk88.jpg 1punk89.jpg 1punk90.jpg 1punk91.jpg 1punk92.jpg 1punk93.jpg 1punk94.jpg 1punk95.jpg 1punk96.jpg 1punk97.jpg 1punk98.jpg 1punk99.jpg 1punk100.jpg 1punk101.jpg 1punk102.jpg 1punk103.jpg 1punk104.jpg 1punk105.jpg 1punk106.jpg 1punk107.jpg 1punk108.jpg1punk109.jpg 1punk110.jpg 1punk111.jpg 1punk112.jpg 1punk113.jpg 1punk114.jpg 1punk115.jpg 1punk116.jpg 1punk117.jpg 1punk118.jpg

Teen (and beyond) angst at its finest, musically very tight and together, even more so than Green Day. The drummer is always complex and spot on in every way. Vocally very authoritative and confident yet not bossy, they are a bunch of guys who really know what they’re doing and do it. A perfect mix of power and friendliness with a triple dose of energy. Their name is quite accurate, and the music flawless. Despite their punk nature (as opposed to hardcore metal), a fair amount of moshing was evident. Some of the best energy punk i’ve ever heard. PS. Nice touch with Josie Ho coming on stage to sing her Hard Pack written number.


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The Deported (Taiwan 台灣)
the best i can describe them is “death speed punk”. and, a fine specimen at that. if the last band (Hard Pack) had a triple dose of energy, these guys have a triple dose of adrenaline (or something suspiciously similar). you are either with them or drifting aimlessly to earth. listening to them is like riding a highly greased roller coaster up and down and all around, just hoping you don’t fall out and go splat. however, the roller coaster is accelerating and you really don’t know how much longer you can hold on. just when you think it can’t possibly get any more intense it does. they are way too fast for moshing, it’s like plasma molecules bouncing off each other.

Above photos © Copyright 2007 by Willem Van Der MerwePoster by Dave Burdick

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