Live Review from Underground 44:
Headhunter had a large crowd with people jostling to see this industrial goth band. Naughtily they played two covers but at least in was in their own style with Twenty Century Boy drawing a big round of applause. The Leslie Cheung cover was just weird. I’m so impressed with them for their dress sense, their makeup, their fashion sense, their music – I watched them once before in 2005 and think they have improved although I do miss the gas masks!
Rosie Chan


Live Review from Underground 42:
the vocals seem a bit out of place in what could otherwise be the soundtrack to a futuristic movie, but if you’ve ever fantasized about being in a futuristic bar depicted in experimental sci-fi movies, fantasize no more. headhunter is about as fucked up as you could possibly get, in every sense of the word, and it’s a very good thing. if you’re at all bored (with music or life in general), headhunter will connect you with a thousand years into the future and make you think you’re more than you are. and, i am not exaggerating in any way about this. breaking free from any and all preconceived notions of what music should be like (and sexuality as well), they are a huge breath of fresh amorphous air, or maybe it’s cyanide? i can’t tell at this point, it’s all good. if their style became commonplace, i would be in a cinematic technocrat heaven. even the most searing punk can’t come close to their counterculture imperative. the hard-hitting industrial machines definitely surpass the force of any man-made sound.


Live Review from Underground 8:
Hong Kong’s only Industrial Goth band Headhunter finished up the evening. The sharp contrast to Spodac was obvious – makeup, hair, outrageous clothing plus a request from Ring at the start of their set to “Shut the fuck up!” had a few pop fans heading for the exit. I reviewed Headhunter last year at Underground 2 and was pleased to hear that they are tighter than ever. The songs were new and Ring maintains his Freddy Mercuryesque aura. There were less gas masks and more outrageous clothing. I’m sure I spotted a nipple poking out from Frankie the guitarist’s innovative PVC tshirt. Headhunter are a great representation that there isn’t only pop and rock as genres to become masters in. And that creativity comes in many shades.
William Sickey


Live Review from Underground 2:
No matter how long the Underground lasts, nobody will forget the appearance of Headhunter at Underground 2. Coming on after Edmund Leung’s acoustic set, they had the audience open-mouthed from the beginning. RING is a great front man, possibly the best I’ve seen in Hong Kong (even though he felt my bottom a lot), and the band’s industrial beats had some begging for more (not all, admittedly, some looked as though they’d just visited the dentist). Those with musical taste however recognised greatness when the saw it, such songs as Aggression, From The Dark Side, Xick and BIG fucking beat, all from their debut CD, Dark Side of the Room, rocking the stately walls of Joe Bananas. The band (apart from Ring) all wore gas masks. Headhunter are a spectacle to behold, and Ring is the new Freddie Mercury. Just don’t grow a dodgy moustache, son.
William Sickey

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