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I rushed down to the Underground as I wanted to see Jenny, the sexy and confident lead vocalist of GriN. Luckily I got there in time for their strong set. The only song I didn’t like was the cover that they played, although I can see why they chose to cover it. GriN play an exciting brand of power pop, Jenny’s voice is great and works well with the backing vocalist. I’d like to see Jenny loosen up more (with her vocals) and I want to buy their CD. Oh alright, I’d like to buy Jenny a glass of wine too. Whenever I can stop drooling over her.
GriN’s website
Dan Smith
22Cats, I saw them last year and offered to review their set for Underground 8. It was like a flashback to Rockit for me. Polished, uptempo and tight. Yin on bass must be one of the best bass players in town. 22Cats packed out Venue with their fans. As their set progressed, the band made full use of their space and saved some Hendrix-style theatrics for the finale. This is exactly the band I want to see at an Underground event.
Pop over to their superb website!
Mark Emerson

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I had never really fancied older men till I saw the men in black suits on stage known as Spodac One of the most fun bands I’ve seen at Underground. Nicholas on vocals exuded happiness to be on stage, his enthusiasm helped you forget that he occasionally wasn’t quite on-key. The cheers of “Encore!” they received from a most appreciative (mostly Chinese!) audience was something to behold. An energetic set, I found it hard to believe they had only formed in January this year! Spodac have the image and the charisma and are just a few singing lessons away from Superstardom.
Up to date info on Spodac is available here
Rosie Chan

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Hong Kong’s only Industrial Goth band Headhunter were the climax to the evening. The sharp contrast to Spodac was obvious – makeup, hair, outrageous clothing… a request from Ring at the start of their set to “Shut the fuck up!” had a few pop fans heading for the exit. I reviewed Headhunter last year at Underground 2 and was pleased to hear that they are tighter than ever. The songs were new and Ring maintains his Freddy Mercuryesque aura. There were less gas masks and more outrageous clothing. I’m sure I spotted a nipple poking out from Frankie the guitarist’s innovative PVC tshirt. Headhunter can never be accused of relying on their laurels or rock and roll conservatism. Creativity certainly comes in many shades.
William Sickey


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