Underground 2




We expected a lot from this singer-songwriter at Underground 2, and he did not disappoint. Edmund was the inspiration behind leading nineties Hong Kong band HUH!!, a great rock band. Edmund these days is much more quiet, appearing on stage with only his acoustic guitar and a friend also playing acoustic guitar. He showcased his album about cats, which went down well and was a great contrast to the other two rock bands on that night. I still hate cats, but Edmund made me not want to kill them (or him).
William Sickey

No matter how long the Underground lasts, nobody will forget the appearance of Headhunter at Underground 2. Coming on after Edmund Leung’s acoustic set, they had the audience open-mouthed from the beginning. RING is a great front man, possibly the best I’ve seen in Hong Kong (even though he felt my bottom a lot), and the band’s industrial beats had some begging for more (not all, admittedly, some looked as though they’d just visited the dentist). Those with musical taste however recognised greatness when the saw it, such songs as Aggression, From The Dark Side, Xick and BIG fucking beat, all from their debut CD, Dark Side of the Room, rocking the stately walls of Joe Bananas. The band (apart from Ring) all wore gas masks. Headhunter are a spectacle to behold, and Ring is the new Freddie Mercury. Just don’t grow a dodgy moustache, son.
William Sickey



Papa Jack to some were a welcome relief after the antics of Headhunter at Underground 2! The boys have a residency at the Hard Rock cafe in Kowloon and showed why with a tight set of funk which had some slobbering. Excellent musicians, I think one of the audience actually danced (a first at the Underground). Well done boys. Featured Ron Walsh on guitar and vocals, Ron Tupac on guitar/vocals, Gavin Ho on bass and vocals, and Antonio Serrano Jr on drums. Funk it up and see www.papajackband.com
Don Smith


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