Kick Ball Car

u66027.jpgLive Review from Underground 66:
These boys were a great start to the Underground 66 show
(Chris B said they were a last minute replacement for Jaigon
who had to return back to UK).
Kick Ball Car’s brand of power-pop in Cantonese is friendly and
approachable. The keyboards are a great touch and adds
almost a soulful element to their songs. Their band name
shows they have a fun side to them which they could display
more on stage. Overall one of the better Hong Kong bands
Harry Post

Click here to watch Kick Ball Car playing their original song: Roses!


Live Review from Underground 23:
Kick Ball Car share the same initials as the Kantner-Balin-Cassidy band (mid 80’s offshoot from Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna) but sound like they’re channeling Muse, rather than late 60’s Friscodelica. They also sound like a slowed down Spodac jamming on the Velvet’s Sister Ray (in a sonically distorted way) Their fan club was more than happy to stand front and centre on the dance floor, soaking up the vibes. I’m sure they’ll be playing at future Underground events.
Nick Lovatt

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Performances by Kick Ball Car: