Kissing on the Dance Floor


Message from Kissing on the Dance Floor about CD 2 Launch Party A:

“It’s a great show with full of passion! We began our first gig in The Underground in 2006 and ended up our last gig in The Underground today. We won’t say we are a super band but we really hope that our music can remark a small section in HK indie music history. A beautiful ending is always a new beginning. We are not leaving this scene. You will see us playing in other groups in the near future. Once again thanks for everyone’s support to KOTDF.”


Live Review from Underground 56:

One look at the very handsome drummer in this band and the idea of ‘kissing’ becomes an obsession. You would want to kiss him not only on the dance floor, but in the back of a taxi, in the alley behind the club, and…’K, pulling myself together now to convey some degree of professionalism and mature journalistic style, I would like to say that…this band has a sound that is weird in a way I like a lot.
The dynamics of their songs vary considerably so you don’t ever feel you can pinpoint their sound and explain it away. Sometimes it is discordant in a purposefully unsettling way and at other times the guitars have turned sweet with crystal-tinkling chiming melodies. They play fun, fresh, short, sharp songs and like most Hong Kong indie bands of recent times, display great musicianship. There’s a real artfulness apparent in the way they weave in and out of different rock guitar styles and how they synchronise a variety of guitar effects in ways that work. With some very versatile lead guitar playing, solid, jumping rhythms, well-written quirky pop songs and the band’s cheery disposition, the crowd had a ball.
Isobel S. Saunders


Live Review from Underground 34:

With an element of video game music, but also rather fantasy-inspired. Vocals quite amateur and all over the place, timing of guitars/drums not always spot on, but interesting for its eclectic variety of tunes and styles. You have to listen with a strange sense of Willy Wonka-like wonder. Not bad for their first live performance – lots of potential! Great name for a band too…
Wally Amos

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