Luke Chow

UCD3_B_Angus_094.jpgMessage from Luke Chow about CD3 Release Party B:

I really wanted to put in an appearance at party b even though it wasn’t with the rest of the band as Mike is still in australia… Thank you to everybody for listening and to the other bands for making the show. Hungry Ghosts are all really looking forward to playing The Underground again soon.

I really love the way the live organic rock sounds translate seamlessly from live performance to the compilation, and above all I think it is absolutely fantastic that another hong kong homemade compilation is on the street.
Luke Chow




Live Review from Underground 22:
Where did all these ladies come from? As Luke takes to the stage, it seems as if every young woman in the Edge is now standing in front of the stage, armed with their cameras and gazing adoringly at Luke. (I didn’t bring my girlfriend tonight, just in case) Starting off with a few duo numbers with Luke on acoustic guitar and Mike on drums, Luke sings vey pleasantly with songs that could have easily been written by Crowded House. At moments, he reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix playing a young Johnny Cash (“Walk the Line”). For the last two songs, Luke brings up Alex (also bass player for
Hard Candy) and the sound is complete with the songs sounding almost Tom Petty, plus Alex is indeed a welcome distraction for this red-blooded male. Luke announced a semi-retirement and the resounding female sighs almost drowned out the applause. Luke – your fans clearly love you.
Mark Emerson


Live Review from Underground 7:
How does the UNDERGROUND team find these unpolished diamonds? After reading about Luke Chow in the scmp that morning I decided that after all, I would go to Underground and see if he lived up to all that hype. Wasn’t disappointed. How can such a little guy have such a powerful voice? My date was swooning commenting on his young Elvis stage presence, whilst I begrudgingly recognised someone who could write cleverly crafted pop songs. The audience were captivated by Luke’s set and the girls fell in love just a little bit more when he thanked his Mum. This was in fact Luke’s debut as a 3 piece band as Mike & Glen saw the potential in the previous solo performer. I predict great things in the future for this 19 year old (I remember those days…)
William Sickey

“I like the underground but I like PVC even more. Luke Chow

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