u68half054.JPGLive review from Underground 68½:
I’ve always been a fan of Slash!Sakura!Slash! for their unique style. For some reason, I felt like they’ve mellowed a little, but I was wrong. At times chilled-out acoustic, and others, rock-intensity. I really love their melodies and riffs a lot, but wish lead vocalist/guitarist Benson could belt his vocals out as well as his guitar riffs! Still, a wonderfully cool unique sound of chill-out acoustic rock!


Live Review from The Peabody Show:

    1. Carquinez B
    2. Why Break My Silence
    3. Tempting
    4. Eleven
    5. Cheat
    6. Afar

Slash!Sakura!Slash (aka Benson) has once again collaborated with his good partner Motion Fades (aka Mic Makkai) to kick-start Peabody’s night with six sweet and heartfelt tunes. It is always an indulgence to watch them expressing their emotions in a subtle yet captivating way. Amid the guitar swaying and feet tapping, Benson’s shy eye contact and plaintive voice complement his soft indie rock rhythm with immense passion and intimacy; while Mic stands next to him quietly, plucking and strumming a series of melodic harmonies that make the songs richer and fuller. If there ever be any labeling, I would say they resemble the sound of Secondhand Serenade and Dashboard Confessional, but slightly more buoyant and graceful.
This duo is indeed one of the most promising acoustic acts ever; and I am sure that their performance with a full band will be more eagerly anticipated.


Live Review from Underground 42:

The combination of the shy motionfades (aka Mike) and confident !slash!Sakura!slash (aka Benson) was an interesting opening set for the Underground. !slash has a commanding stage presence and a voice that is almost feminine in it’s tonality and a rhythm & blues feel to his voice which is very pleasing. motionfades voice worked best on his pop number “Can I take you home” and later got the ahhs from the girls when he dedicated a song to his mother. Huge potential in motionfades and kudos to
!slash for sharing his slot with him. If you like acoustic music, these two are worth watching.
Mark Emerson

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