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Thank you so much to everyone who got lost and still made the effort to find The Melting Pot – we shall be adding a map to guide everyone to the next show here. Great stage – great sound – awesome sound man (thanks Zane!), great atmosphere. Thanks to Gibson for sponsoring a beautiful Epiphone guitar which was won by a modest gentleman named Sham. Lets hope we have more events happening here!
love Chris B xx


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This is a quirky band only in the sense of the vocalist/frontman’s dress style. Donning dark glasses with a loud snakeskin suit, he commanded attention in an odd sort of way. With your eyes shut, this voice is attractive to me with an interesting kind of vibrato. In-between songs, it was entertaining to hear him encouraging the audience to say ‘ricemagnet’ The songs are all in Mandarin and since I don’t understand Mandarin by the end of their set I thought they all sounded a bit alike, perhaps this is a wake-up call for me to learn Mandarin.
Ashley B.


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OK when I found out he was only 18, I felt a bit intimidated, this guy has a wonderful grasp of the English language that I still struggle with. With plenty of stage presence and somehow able to keep a crowd of 100 people attentive – a tough thing to do as a solo acoustic act. As one person in the audience remarked “If Bob Dylan had had Clementine’s voice, he would have reached a much wider audience!” You could hear a pin drop during his well-timed pauses. All eyes were on him. He even dedicated a song to him Mom. He proceeded to sell his CDs after his set and no doubt sold out. Even if you think you don’t like acoustic solo acts, this guy will stop you in your tracks. Go Clementine go!
Ashley B


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slash!SAKURA!Slash! with motionfades

I’ve always been a fan of Slash!Sakura!Slash! for their unique style. For some reason, I felt like they’ve mellowed a little, but I was wrong. At times chilled-out acoustic, and others, rock-intensity. I really love their melodies and riffs a lot, but wish lead vocalist/guitarist Benson could belt his vocals out as well as his guitar riffs! Still, a wonderfully cool unique sound of chill-out acoustic rock!


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Supper Moment won this year’s 2008 Tom Lee Acoustic Band Competition and for good reason. The band as a whole is talented and play excellent music. I love their style! Still, I can’t help but feel they need to “experiment” perhaps with blending Acid Jazz/Punk with Alternative Rock/Funk? I don’t know what, but just DARE to be DIFFERENT! Lead singer/guitarist Sunny, mentioned that his idol is John Mayer and it shows in most of his compositions and style of playing. When he sings JM’s covers he captures the essence of JM but when he sings his Cantonese numbers his vocal changes to Canto-pop idol, and it’s quite challenging. I think it would be fantastic if he could blend his English JM vocal style with his Canto-pop style and find a comfortable spot in between. Supper Moment has created an excellent sound that’s almost their own, but it won’t be long before they find “it”, and when they do, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

photos © Copyright 2008 by ANGUS LEUNG

poster by Yan Yan

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