Global Battle of the Bands Hong Kong 2010 Finalists

Live review from GBOB HK Final 2010

GBOB_HK_final_161.jpgThe sound system was just waiting to be tested with massive metal riffs and the driving guitars of hardcore, and these guys were just what it was waiting for. With their massive sound, their set was hard-hitting, and extremely headbang-able (note that it helps that these guys had arguably the best hair that night for that purpose…yeah, even better than the visual kei bands’) and yet significantly nuanced as well. Their very melodic singing style combined with the uber-metal tunes was a potent combination, and those of the headbanging ilk, I’m sure, found their set’s power and depth irresistible.

— Shashwati

U-CD3-A_055.jpgMessage from OneLastFall about CD3 Release Party A:

First and foremost, we would like to thank Chris B (ROCK MOMMA =P) and Koya Hisakazu (Faro’s Baby HAHAHA), the entire crew of The Underground (Wain, Heather, Yan, Angus, Calvin etc.) for always showing your undying support for us and ALL the bands and also for giving us the chance to actually be in a CD!!! You made us and I’m sure other young musicians a stage we can call home! And also to the staff of The Cavern and to Dj Ivanne for setting up the stage and for the great sound. All you guys made it all happen!!!

The launch for OneLastFall, was an amazing experience! The crowd was awesome! As soon as you entered the venue you can already feel the crowds eagerness for the show to start off. And what a way to start the rockin night with a loud BAAAAAANG with non other than URANUS! And to collaborate with the ever AWESOME Good Fellas (WOOHOO) once again was… Orgasmic! Lol We felt a sense of accomplishment and pride when we first stepped on the stage. We felt like Gods and Goddesses when we started doing our thing… We were untouchable! The vibe we felt from everyone that night was like no other! We hope that we left our mark on The Cavern’s stage and in the hearts of the crowd… as much as we know that April 17th, 2010 will forever be locked and sealed in our heads as one of the most memorable nights OneLastFall will ever have!



Live Review from Underground 91:
Closing Underground 91, is OneLastFall. My band In Love And Pain! played with them once at Underground 85, and that, was love at first sight. The fivesome lead by guitarist Faro, vocalist Sheila, second guitarist Rob, bassist Charles and drummer Maijd fused every single essence of heaviness and became OneLastFall. They are pure heavy, with unquestionable vocal skills and range, catchy hooks, adrenaline driving grooves and riffs and great stage presence. They once again tore The Melting Pot apart with their immense energy and intensity, sadly since they are the last to play, the audiences size gets a bit smaller, personally i think they definitely deserve a bigger crowd but apparently they enjoyed the set and so did we!!! OneLastFall is not “pointless”, and they had proved it with actions, as the Steel Panther anthem goes, “Death to All but Metal!!”.
Marvin – In Love And Pain!

Click here to watch OneLastFall playing their original song: Pointless!

u85087.JPGLive Review from Underground 85:

1. This is our time

2. Beneath this voice

3. Lullaby

4. Pointless

5. New direction

OneLastFall is a five-piece band that is lead by Sheila on vocals. She is surrounded by a team of burly men who look mean and ready to rock. They are Faro and Rob on guitar, Charles on bass and Majid on drums. They are not the type of people you want to piss off. As soon as they started their first number, ‘This is our time’, the atmosphere of the bar changed into an orgy of heavy rock. This band was much heavier than any other band that came on before them and they may have frightened some of the guests who came to see the earlier bands. Despite that, many people began bopping up and down, and I even got the urge to shake my head roughly to the music.

I loved the performance that these guys gave us. In their second song, ‘Beneath our voice’, one of the guitarists constantly spun his mop of hair around which was a testament to early 90’s Heavy metal. Sheila had great vocal skills which were beautiful and melodic, which reminded me of female vocalist from the band Paramore. The bass player sang along in this song too, and I thought that it made a good combination. Someone else told me that they sound like ‘Eddie Prekell’, but I have no idea who that is.

By the third song I started to think that I have heard these guys before. Not realising at that stage that I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with them. No wonder I thought I had heard it before… dur. They had definitely improved as musicians since the last time I had saw them. Their next song, ‘Pointless’, wasn’t so pointless after all. It was a slower song than the rest and relied heavily on Sheila’s melodic vocals. I liked how the guitar sounded when the song picked up the pace.

To end their set they played. ‘New direction’, which was another song that got people into the mood to do some head banging and the like. You could tell the crowd enjoyed them very much. For me I couldn’t find much diversity in their songs, I thought that they all sounded quite similar. But, that is their style of music I guess. I had read in a previous review about this band that they have a mixture of sounds and style. But, I think by this stage they had found their style. And no, I don’t think they sound like Incubus or Queens of the Stone Age, not at all. I would say that they sound more like Paramore, Eyes set to kill or Perfect Circle. They are a hardcore band driven by sweet melodic vocals. So, if you like these bands then this is the band for you as they seem to follow along the same lines.
Cain (F.B.I. vocalist)

Click here to watch OneLastFall playing their original song: Lullaby!


Live Review from Halloween Underground:
OnelastFall like a mix of sounds and styles , their myspace page describes their music as’ like all your favourite bands in one ‘and that might make it difficult for first time listeners to get their sound ,the female singer’s sultry vocals mutating from smooth nusoul through indiepop to punkish yelp, overlaid by fuzzy guitars,crashing drums and bass. The band’s influences seem to be hardcore and rock like Incubus, Queens of The Stone Age. The sound is by turns confusing ,beguiling and passionate in equal measure. At the moment it looks like the band are in transition so it will be interesting to see how they develop.
Raymond K

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