U-Elec_055.jpgLive Review from Underground electronica:

  • 1. Intro
  • 2. No Place Like Home
  • 3. Krushed
  • 4. Clouds
  • 5. Strawberry Redux
  • 6. 69 Police
  • 7. Six Weeks
  • 8. Which Way to Home

(*Continuous set)

Another disclaimer at this point – because this set, and the next, were continuous, I can’t really describe many songs specifically ‘cause I’m not sure which ones they are! But, I’ll try to describe the various areas of feel and sight that the songs moved into to compensate for that.

Snoblind started with the screen reading just their name, and began their Intro with some nice looping piano and hip-hop beats. There was some anthemic, almost operatic tune rendered on vocals and something that sounded a lot like an organ. From here, they proceeded to take the joint to smoother, sweeter places, like the ones Moby inhabits. The crowd were in it right from the start, as they were willingly steered into everything from the sheer schizophrenic paranoia that the looped drums, er, drummed up, to the taut basslines of 80s pop, to long, winding basslines with female vocals that kinda reminded me of Ace of Base. At some point, there was a song that had some very Dylan-esque vocals, and to match, a video that reminded me very much of the one for Subterranean Homesick Blues, where words on the screen were the main focus of the image. Strawberry Redux was their take on samples of the classic Strawberry Fields Forever, with a really psychedelic, shoegaze-y feel to it. There were several breakdowns into just one sound playing, and then ably steered into a completely different soundscape.

Their visuals were really, really excellent, and perfectly tailored to the songs. There were many shots, both long and fleeting, of desolate Hong Kong buildings in inadequate lighting, many sped up videos of nature, clouds and horizons, some military shots, and the kind of creepy avant-garde stuff of heads moving unnaturally being focused upon thrown in for good measure as well. The crowd ate right out of their hands, as their mindset was clearly in sync with wherever the two on stage wanted to take them; from gentle swaying, to wild dancing, they were led everywhere, and willingly at that. It was a pity when they looped down Which Way to Home into the linked woo-ing sounds that closed their set – a feeling that was by everyone there, as there was a huge whoop of applause that greeted the end of a very engaging and enjoyable set.

– Shashwati

u75141.JPGLive Review from Underground 75:
Snoblind impressed the audience a lot! They are the final band of the night. We always see one player with one instrument on the hand, this time we got hundreds of instruments on the stage but just two players to handle! There was two laptops connected with plenty devices such as midi controllers, mixers. They even have a wireless iPod connected to the computers too! Snoblind gives the venue a fresh atmosphere, they are the only band of the night playing electronic music! Audience waving on the dance floor while Snoblind presenting their music! If Snoblind do some rapping in the future, they are gonna be party heros!
Rocky (vocalist -Killer Soap)



Live Review from Underground 34:

If you have the fortune of seeing them live, you will be treated to a weird yet fascinating video set to a very funky composition ranging from hardcore industrial to psychedelic trance, all of it extremely funky, pointing out the absurdity of normal things and situations presented in an absurd way. Very trippy and enveloping. The music gets heavier and heavier as the imagery gets more explosive and destructive. It gets harsh and demanding yet surprisingly compelling, then starts to malfunction and fall apart, only to come back together again even more fucked up and entrancing, while the images and video are flow insanely by. It really picks you up and throws you around. Must see them live.
Wally Amos

Quote from Snoblind:
“Snoblind would like to thank the Underground for the opportunity to let us play at Underground 34. Underground’s great effort in supporting local music and band is greatly appreciated. We also like to give a shout out to the great audiences and our peeps that night to show us nothing but love and support.
[hard-sell informercial]If y’all like our music that night, check out our new album “Musica Di Digitalia” available at White Noise Records, Zoo Records, Kubrick @ Cinematique and aPM, the PANIC, or digital download at iTunes music store.[/hard-sell informercial].
Thank you for the great time and the great bands at the Underground! We look forward to see you all again in 2007’s Underground!”

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