The Ember

cd2partyB139.JPG Message from The Ember about CD 2 Launch Party B:

We all want to thank Chris B and Koya San here. Your effort on processing local band music is appreciated. Also, we would like to thank for giving us a magical and wonderful night on 13 June!!! Lastly, we are very grateful to our friends and families that they had come and supported our music that night. We can’t describe how much we love you by words!!!
~~ The Ember


Live Review from Asian Rock:
Next on the line up was The Ember, an all girls outfit from Hong Kong, which served up some wholesome emo rock for the crowd. The set was dark, atmospheric and well crafted. Despite only being a four piece (lead vocal, drums, bass and rhythm/lead guitar), the music was nonetheless quite intense and moody, through their good use of guitar effects, and good fills from the drums and bass, which all served to captivate the audience. Unfortunately the music was let down in the vocal division, the lead vocalist’s was clearly straining at the effort and I felt that she is capable of much more if she examines her singing technique.


Live Review from Underground 53:
Set List:

    1. In This Hole
    2. Thursday – Autobiography of a Nation
    3. No One
    4. Forgive

The Ember……were really hot! (Snerk!Giggle! Ok, lame joke.)

Yeay! This is closer to the weird and the wonderful that a great indie alternative sound is all about. The Ember have a punk grunge approach with screamed vocals and screaming lead guitar. In This Hole saw the pocket-sized lead singer howl and shout while the lead guitarist provided some seriously scary-sounding ‘demon possessed’ backing vocals. This good display of angst continued with Thursday – Autobiography of a Nation accompanied by some great guitar. They sound like a well-established indie band with a full grasp on their identity and sound – and an attitude to match. They are very genuine – they mean what they do.

Death-defying screams kicked off the hardcore punk No One as the tiny lead singer’s voice box let rip. Like Chester Bennington, she’ll need major vocal cord surgery in a few years. Some great bass and lead guitar manoeuvres with amazing drums displayed here as the band alternated the tempo, creating some quieter lulls in the song only to dynamite you away with its loud antithesis. The song was well-written and a lot of work must have gone into creating the sections and bridges. The lead guitarist’s zombie voice was used to great effect again.

The lead singer lost her tough act at the beginning of Forgive and for some unknown reason her eyes started dribbling and leaking though she said she wasn’t crying. But then everything seemed a bit strange… the guitar sounded like a piano and the drums and bass sounded slower, contained and measured. It was all a bit Beatles-esqe. Then the lead singer became normal again and started screaming the vocals in a fine return to punk form.

It was only a short set, but one that really rocked. The Ember have a great indie sound…and some obviously in-demand musicians as the bass player was also in Gray@Dreams5 at a recent UG gig.
Isobel S. Saunders


Live Review from Underground 41:
Four girls who define themselves as an “indie rock/emo” band who honestly dont realise their forte is their hardcore riffs and attitude. Little Keavy (she is indeed small but demands attention with her stage presence) does a great job with singing and screaming and being totally passionate about their lyrics and their music. The new addition of Crystal on bass adds a touch of professionalism to the girls. They had some great moments of really gelling together and defining ‘girl power’ in music. I was delighted that the audience was indeed clapping loud and hard for them.
Mark Emerson


Live Review from Underground 23:
Despite their name, the Ember are all fired up for their Underground debut. Opening song, Supersadist, is a cover – the rest of the set is originals. Chunky, buzzsaw guitar, deep fuzz bass, lots of 70’s Sabbath-style riffage, and even some punk hints of “Money” by The Flying Lizards. Also, lots of rolling around and writhing by the vocalist.
Overall, good energy and enthusiasm.
Nick Lovatt

“Thanks again for giving us the chance to perform at U23!! We had such a wonderful nite~~ We will be back… for sure!! haha~ – The Ember”

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