Compilation CD 2 – Launch Party B


Thank you so much to all of you who came to this awesome party!! Five great bands from CD2!! An awesome lucky draw – I wished I could have won that guitar!! Huge thanks to Epiphone! Must also thank Asahi, BC Magazine and re:spect magazine!!
love Chris B xx


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In my mind :
Koya san is a role model for wearing bandannas, I tried at home but I looked gay in it, so I wear it around my neck instead.
Chris B once inspired me to dye my hair green, my hair stylist didn’t let me do it, he told me it wouldn’t suit me.
The lucky draw at CD 1 launch party provided me a free hotel night in “Jia CWB”, Shadow gave me the prize on stage.
Asahi beer provided me a good excuse to mess up my guitar solo and vocals on stage, i don’t want it to happen you know?!
Underground tee shirt makes me look so cool on stage.
But seriously :
Regular Underground shows allow good opportunities for exchanging ideas between bands, fans and whoever.
Different venues provide wonderful stage experience, and big thank you to all the sound men.
Mark-1 gave me the first recording experience in my life, and I am not sure if there will be a second chance!
Listening to the Underground CD with my mom and dad, they finally understand why Po Kei is always missing on Saturday (for band practice).
To all The Underground crew, Mark-1 crew, friends, Jonathan, Edmund, Kimmy and Donald, thank you, I have a wonderful time in the CD launch party.
Po Kei – F.T.T.

Thanks for my friends coming over to see me on stage…I never had so many friends to see my live, & they ask me for signature on the CD…touching…

Glad that we can work it out even with only 3 of us, but of course we hope Jonathan would be here playing…

Like the song “Leaving on the Jet Plane”…I don’t know when we will be back again…I hate to go (for business trip, I am in Germany for business now)…

What next for F.T.T.?

Donald – F.T.T.

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“It wasn’t just another gig for me. I didn’t concentrate on singing every note perfectly,nor was I pre-occupied with a feeling of sounding tighter than the last performance. Infact,it was a very special occasion for me which was about to shape and lead my roads ahead. So obviously, I was relaxed with good feelings and elated having two of my songs released in

Underground Compilation CD 2.

Since my very first performance @ Underground 56, I’ve met a lot of good people, learned and shared my experiences and stories.

Above all,I met Benjamin Gilbert Bair ( Bass Guitarist), Joul (Drummer) ,Robert Mills ( Ex-Guitarist) and Sharad Shrestha (Guitarist) through The Underground; and together we are known as “QUASAR”.

I always have a feeling,’keep working on your dreams you believe, someone is always there to lend you a helping hand’.

The Underground team has always been one of our constant supporter and an honest friend. Our families, audiences, friends are our inspiration and encouragment to every single song we write and music we play.”

Sanjeev Gurung (Vocals/Guitars/Words/Music) -Quasar


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Poubelle International

On behalf of the three hairy gwailo contributors of this band of unpronounceable French name, I’d like to thoroughly thank the wonderful people at the underground for facilitating this genre defining recording of ours. We couldn’t have done it without you. – obviously – But as a matter of fact, it may interest you young readers to learn, that at the time of our application for the aforementioned cd, we hardly had a band. Armed with an early demo, several hundred pairs of ear plugs and more ambition than Stalin, we presented our concepts to the underground and were delighted to be accepted into the underground musical institution – and so began to weave our slender musical threads into the rich tapestry of hong kong musical splendour.

In the capable hands of Koyasan, the all seeing oracle of the hong kong recording fraternity, we comfortably went about our business of documenting our fine indie anthems, The Battle of Trafalgar Square, and The Red Light… Yes, you heard correct old sport. The Red Light! – which is in fact absent on the final CD, and oh there be an explanation!

On the day of recording, the young Japanese man perched precariously on a dangerous excuse for an office chair behind an ancient, smoke stained computer, had us so inspired, feeling so audacious, overconfident, and possibly drunk, we attempted to record a third song, The Chase, which at the time, had no name, no lyrics, and no structure, having only been written the evening prior.

By all accounts the launch party was another feather in the cap of this already successful campaign. Our set, complete with the makings of a David Bowie Knives cover, shot us into the record books, as the only band to have played 3 songs off a given cd at any underground launch party (thank you).

While we do apologise for the pyrotechnics display, cut horribly short by over regulated health and safety policies, we assure each and every one of you, that your humble narrator, and his accompanying musical collaborators, give no less than 100% on stage, and it was indeed a pleasure doing so for this philanthropic venture.

Always a pleasure,


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The David Bowie Knives

What can we say, a great evening to be had!
A great atmosphere and great bands.
An obvious highlight for us was watching Poubelle doing a cover of She’s The One as we looked on quite bewildered! Also watching Po Kei F.T.T. breaking a string….again! But personally, I really enjoyed watching Gabe nearly destroying the drum kit and also watching someone stealing Ali’s microphone halfway through a tune! Everyone’s a critic eh?!

Cheers Chris, Koya and all the Underground Crew. The CD sounds rockin!
Shaun tDBKs

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Here we have our stunned winner “Michael” with his new guitar.
I tell you we ALL wanted to win this one….. ; )

Chris B

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The Ember

We all want to thank Chris B and Koya San here. Your effort on processing local band music is appreciated. Also, we would like to thank for giving us a magical and wonderful night on 13 June!!! Lastly, we are very grateful to our friends and families that they had come and supported our music that night. We can’t describe how much we love you by words!!!
~~ The Ember

Above photos © Copyright 2009 by Angus Leung
Poster by Wain

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