Uni-K (Macau)


Live Review from Macau Underground One:
One of the more famous bands in Macau, Uni-K is a Hardcore and Metal band consisting of 2 vocals and this gave the band a stronger sense of melody in their songs, the band performed very well and they also have a lot of interaction with the audience such as leading them to circle pit and shouting.
Hardening up the sound waves at the end of the evening, Kent and Tinto brought heaviness and serious tones to the final set. The riff-masters were in fine form and the audience was supremely into them. Tempering their rebellion with melody, wrapping their anger in creativity, UNI-K’s combination of heavy music and positivity provided a perfect climax to an evening of original sounds. They also gave the crowd a chance to mosh in an impromptu ‘mosh- triangle’ at the foot of the stage. I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to seeing them again at some gig soon.
Jeremy Phillips


Live review from Macau Underground Zero:
And at last, the last band Uni-K brought to the underground the heavy hardcore music, they had a very good stage act, all members got sweaty and moved a lot on the stage, audience kept on stage-diving and doing circle pit, and they pleased the crowd so much AND the singer kept on mentioning the importance of supporting macau band scene. When is the next show in Macau?
Yan Yan

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Performances by Uni-K (Macau):